Florian Sukaj’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Relationship

Florian Sukaj is a famous name on Page 3, but it is primarily for his wife, Stacey Silva. However, apart from that, this person is a model. He was struggling to make a prominent position in Hollywood. But Silva was like a lucky charm for him.

What’s Florian Sukaj’s Age? See More About His Relationship, Career, Net Worth

The on-off relationship between the couple is the star attraction that made both of them the talk of the town. Repeated issues keep on growing between them with the rumors of a break-up. After some time, they again patch up and make the fans happy.

But this time, the story is spicier with lots of confusion. The fitness freak is under suspicion of cheating on his long-term girlfriend, Stacey.

Florian is popular from the exciting show Darcey and Stacey, a part of the US dating show 90 Days Fiancee.

Florian Sukaj's Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight,  Career, Relationship

Florian Sukaj

Presently, the world recognizes Florian as one of the top models and social influencers on Instagram. He came to the limelight from a reality TV show telecasted on Discovery.

He came to this planet in the year 1994. Therefore, the current age of the young model is 27 years.

However, the exact birthdate is still not known. Florian is of Albanian nationality, and he is always active on his social media handle. The modeling pictures of both Florian and Stacey are always prominent in their regular posts.

Florian Sukaj’s Quick Facts

The relationship between Florian and his wife is more than seven years. Even one of their posts of Stacey even mentioned that they would share more such years in the future. The career of Sukaj is mainly focused on the internet and social media.

So, his followers are quite recently as his profile went private suddenly. One of the recent pictures of the couple on Valentine’s Day caught the attention of hundreds.

Often, you can find the pictures of Florian on his Instagram page of Stacey. The average number of followers on Florian’s page is more than 114K. It is growing rapidly because of the interesting posts.

How Much Does Florian Sukaj Earn?

The Net Worth and total earnings of Florian are not yet known. However, many people have kept it under study. According to some reports, $2 million is an estimated figure for his Net Worth.

Florian Sukaj’s Age and Early Life

The information about his past life, education, and any incident related to Florian’s childhood is not available now. However, his Wikipedia page is still under process. His height is around 6 feet.

Florian Sukaj’s Career

Florian is the husband of the renowned TV star Stacey Silva. Presently, he is a model and fitness influencer on social media. He struggled to occupy the Number One position among the top models in the US. However, his luck finally answered after starring in the reality show 90-Days Fiancee.

Florian Sukaj’s Girlfriend, Wife, and Kids

The rumored girlfriend Stacey for seven years became his wife in 2020. Although Florian does not have any children of his own, he loves his step-children a lot. Stacey has two children from her ex-husband.

However, Florian does not have any problem with them. However, the two are planning to have a child soon.

Florian Sukaj’s Interesting Facts

The meeting of Florian and his wife is very interesting. Stacey went to Albania only after six months. Weirdly, Florian did not know English, but still, the couple fell for each other. In 2021, Florian went for cosmetic surgery on his teeth for better looks.


Florian Sukaj is a famous name now from the regular Instagram posts. At present, you can find 240 posts. However, Stacey is much older than him and more than 40 now.

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