Halie Jade Says Growing Up With Dad Eminem Was ‘Surreal’

Eminem’s Daughter Halie Jade Says Growing Up With Famous Dad Eminem Was 'Surreal'

During the debut episode of her podcast Just a Little Bit Shady, Hailie, 26, spread out approximately her “surreal” youth developing up because the daughter of Eminem. Hailie Jade remarked on her ‘surreal’ upbringing with a well-known dad at the debut episode of her new show, ‘Just A Little Bit Shady’ together with her exceptional pal Brittany Ednie.

Eminem’s Daughter Halie Jade Says Growing Up With Famous Dad Eminem Was ‘Surreal’

Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade is starting up approximately what it turned into like developing up with an ultra-well-known dad. The influencer, now 26, discovered withinside the debut episode of her Just a Little Shady podcast that it felt “surreal” and “so cool” at the same time as talking to her exceptional pal Brittany Ednie.

Halie Jade Says Growing Up With Dad Eminem Was 'Surreal'

“It’s so a laugh to appearance again … wondering again as an adult, I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s so, so surreal’ and people recollections of me wondering the ones had been ordinary things, now I appearance again like, ‘Holy crap, that turned into cool’,” she stated to her closest early life buddy while speaking approximately occurring the rapper’s excursion bus.

Brittany Then Shared Her Thoughts On The Expertise, Such As That The Notion Became Ordinary

Brittany, who went to high school with Hailie, additionally remembered the experience — however found out that the concept turned into every day at the time. Brittany said that she kept in mind what goes on and all his recollections of being younger that had been so cool and specific again now. She reasoned that at the time felt so every day and now no longer something odd or different and also, they didn’t recognize any better.

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The ladies additionally remembered occurring the closing dream experience as a kid: a VIP revel at Disney World. Not handiest did they get to test out the parks and all of the rides, Eminem — née Marshall Mathers — additionally hooked them up with a ritzy limo and princess dresses! Hailie remembered being “so glad and excited” approximately the experience.

Earlier this year, Hailie supported Eminem while he performed at some stage in the Halftime Present at the 2022 Tremendous Bowl

Despite having splendid experiences, Hailie — who grew up in Michigan and later attended Michigan State University — reminded listeners that she and Brittany attended an “ordinary” school. Hailie went directly to remind listeners that she and Brittany went to an “ordinary” college.

Hailie defined that they went to an ordinary public college. They by no means concede that something turned into one-of-a-kind in that college and that they have several varieties of ordinary studies. And therefore, the concept is that everyone has comparable varieties of studies in ordinary public colleges.

The podcast episode dropped 5 days after Hailie learned about her new Instagram challenge about her new challenge on Instagram.

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