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Vanessa Hudgens Attended A Event Hosted By Her Organization!

On Sunday, the famous 34-year-old actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens were observed attending a charity event hosted by her organization ‘Cali-water’ alongside her business partner Oliver Trevena.

Vanessa Hudgens Was Observed Attending A charity Event Hosted By Her Organization ‘Cali-water’!

The event was held in Beverly Hills and aimed at providing food to hungry and homeless children who are disadvantaged due to extreme poverty in some places in the world.

Vanessa Hudgens Attended A Event Hosted By Her Organization!

The name of the event was ‘Cali-water x No Kid Hungry’.

What was your look at Vanessa during the Caliwater x Kids Go Hungry event?

According to the reports and pictures were taken of her, it can be confirmed that she was in her trendy style of dressing for the event.

Many commented about her outfit as showstopping, while others said it was quite a risky outfit for a charity event associated with providing food to hungry kids.

The Princess Switch star, Vanessa, wore an exotic black dress with a one-shoulder number. The one-shoulder design also featured a cutout on the opposite hip that made a similar design, giving the clothing an uncomplicated yet marvelous look.

The dress subsequently also had pockets in it that were made by a cutout on the hip. The design provided further details for the black dress and subtle pockets.

Besides her exotic dress, she also had her signature ‘Raven Tresses’, which were parted clearly from the middle and styled to be straight.

She also had small and simple small hoop earrings on her, along with a gold necklace and bracelets. Also, for the event, she had her nails colored while and long.

When it came to makeup, she hadn’t put on any complex makeup but chose to go with a simple neutral glam and soft pink pout style.

She wore black stiletto sandals with a round outsole and tall heels for the shows. She was also following the trend of wearing ‘strappy sandals’ for attending events like many other celebrities.

Who Is Vanessa Hudgens?

Vanessa is currently among one of the most famous actresses and singers. She had started as an actress but later got calls from many popular labels, including ‘Hollywood label’, where she produced many worldwide hit songs.

As a result of her famous movies and songs, she has a vast fanbase across the world. She also has forty-five million followers on one of her social media.

She currently has a total net worth of about sixteen million dollars, most of which came from her acting career and her businesses.

She hit the public spotlight after her epic acting in the film ‘High School Musical’. After this movie, she created a name for herself in both the acting and music world.

She has also worked in multiple television series and movies and has produced albums.

She came into this world in December of 1988 and currently is 34 years of age. She is currently in a relationship with Cole Tucker.

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