Jason Sudeikis And Keeley Hazell Are No Longer Together: After A Year-And-A-Half Of Dating

Jason Sudeikis And Keeley Hazell Are No Longer Together,

Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell have reportedly called it quits after a year-and-a-half of dating back and forth. According to The Sun, Jason, 46, and Keeley Hazell, 35, have been dating for 11 months.

In the end, the Ted Lasso co-stars decided to part ways because they were having trouble juggling their personal lives with their work commitments. It’s contacted Jason and Keeley’s representatives to get their thoughts on the situation.

Jason Sudeikis And Keeley Hazell Split

However, until they were seen together in New York City in June of that same year, Jason and the former Page three lady hadn’t been shown as a couple. As they strolled through New York City together, the couple was photographed holding hands and beaming broadly.

Jason Sudeikis And Keeley Hazell Are No Longer Together,

Sources say that Keeley was there for Jason when he was hurting following his breakup with longtime girlfriend Olivia Wilde. According to the couple, “when Jason found out about his spouse and Harry [Styles], Keeley was one of the people he became toward.

During this time, he became understandably devastated, but she became fantastic and fantastically supportive. Dinner with friends in Los Angeles was quickly turned into an opportunity for him to impress her, thanks to their flirtatious banter.

Olivia, 38, and Harry, 28, are rumored to be dating after they were seen attending and leaving the wedding of the British singer’s manager in January 2021, both in their late 20s.

They appear to have met on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, where Harry plays the main role and Olivia serves as the director, where they were introduced. It didn’t take long after Olivia and Jason’s breakup in November 2020 for their romance to blossom.

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In 2013, the former couple became engaged, but they haven’t yet tied the knot. The couple had two children together, Otis in 2014 and Daisy in 2016. After the breakup, Jason was said to be struggling, and he admitted to GQ that he wasn’t sure what caused their split in August 2021.

According to an insider, Olivia fell head-over-heels for the ex-One Direction member. Her feelings for him are strong, but she does not want to move too quickly and scare him away. According to the source, she has been married before and has children from her previous relationship with Jason, so she is eager to see how this new relationship plays out.

In 2011, Jason And Olivia Wilde Began Dating

A romance rumor involving Sudeikis and Don’t Worry Darling star Olivia Wilde was sparked in the year 2011. In January of this year, the couple got engaged. In the course of their relationship, they never got married.

April 2014 marked the birth of their first child, an infant boy. Their son was given the middle name Otis. They invited a few more people to join their group shortly after that.

Their second child, Daisy, was born in October of that year. Their eight-year engagement came to an end in 2020 when they called it quits on their whirlwind romance.


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