Jessica White, Rapper Nick Cannon’s Ex, Reunites For NSFW Mixtape Cover

Jessica White, Rapper Nick Cannon's Ex, Reunites For NSFW Mixtape Cover

The singer, who is 41 years old, is previewing his new song with a picture that contains explicit content as anticipation for the release of Raw NB: The Explicit Tape on May 20 continues to mount.

Nick Began The Relationship After His Divorce From His Wife Mariah

News has the unique right to unveil the artwork for the cover of Nick’s next mixtape, which depicts the All That member perched on a massive speaker and supporting his ex-girlfriend Jessica White as she stares intently into his eyes.

Jessica White, Rapper Nick Cannon's Ex, Reunites For NSFW Mixtape Cover

Following his divorce from Mariah Carey in 2015, Nick began a relationship with Jessica. At the time, Jessica was one of the faces that Maybelline used to advertise their products. Up to 2020, they had a relationship that was on-again and off-again.

In January 2021, Jessica said in an episode of Hollywood Unlocked With Jason Lee that they “simply had unconditional love for each other, and we were friends.” “When you and another person establish a relationship on an intimate level, you know one other.

We were a perfect match because he knew me and my weirdness, and I understood his. We worked well together. Before everything ended, we had gotten to a point where we were feeling extremely wonderful.”
In a recent interview with E! News, Nick said that the inspiration for his future songs came from his personal life.

It is still unknown whether or not he will discuss his relationship with Jessica on the new mixtape.
“Music, on the other hand, is me sitting in the dark in the studio, composing, contemplating, and sobbing. They have become better at it.”

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Alongside his following musical projects, “They being more honest and vulnerable than ever. As a result, they believe that people will have the opportunity to understand me better due to this. They are well aware that they are not easy to comprehend, that they are unconventional in many ways, and that I am by no means ordinary.”

Nick Cannon’s Kids

The presenter of the Nick Cannon Show is already a father to his twins Moroccan and Monroe, who are 11 years old and whom he shares with Mariah. In addition, he is the joint parent of Golden “Sagon,” who is five years old, and Powerful Queen, who is 16 months old, with Brittany Bell. He is also the joint parent of Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, who are 11 months old, with Abby De La Rosa.

In July, Nick had his seventh kid, a boy named Zen, with model Alyssa Scott. When their parents brought him in for his regular checkup, they were the ones who discovered that he had brain cancer.

The Drumline star broke the news that the child had passed away after struggling with the disease five months later. Nick has high expectations that his following songs would allow fans to have a deeper understanding of the person who is driving the headlines.

Watch the episode of EDaily !’s Pop that will air on May 17 to hear more from Nick. Also, be sure to put May 20 on your calendars since that is the day that Nick’s mixtape will be released.

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