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Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone Failed For 4 Reasons!

Jordan Peele (born February 21, 1979, in New York City, New York, United States) is an American comedian, writer, director, and producer renowned for making both comedy and horror films and TV programs that highlight popular culture and societal concerns, particularly racial relations.

Jordan Peele’s Ethnicity? 4 Jordan Peele Sparks Debate On The ‘Best Horror Director Of All Time’

Peele made his directorial debut with the horror film Get Out (2017), which he also authored. In the film, a young Black guy (Daniel Kaluuya) visits the parents of his white lover for the first time and encounters prejudice that is more horrible than he could have imagined.

Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone Failed For 4 Reasons!

Peele became the first African American to win an Academy Award for best original screenplay for his work in getting Out. He was also nominated for best director, and the film received a best picture nomination.

Twilight Zone By Jordan Peele Failed for 4 Reasons

It’s amazing how Jordan Peele hosting a Twilight Zone revival came to be “From “poor Mad TV sketch premise” to “cinephile wet fantasy”… and then to “What do you mean, it got canceled after season two? Was there a season two?”

How could a show that seemed so great and thrilling on paper suddenly go without a second thought from the millions of getting Out and Us (and finally, Nope) fans? It’s a mystery worthy of The X-Files or something, but here are some possibilities:

4. The Only Successful Unofficial Twilight Zone Revivals

Peele’s Twilight Zone is merely the most recent attempt to resurrect this once-loved classic that has since proven to be less than cherished.

To be fair to Peele and the others, this is a difficult franchise to resurrect.

Even founder Rod Serling couldn’t get it off in the 1970s, and others like Francis Ford Coppola, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bryan Singer couldn’t pull it off throughout the years.

In the early 1980s, it took the combined strength of four previous successful directors to get a Twilight Zone film project off the ground… only for it to collapse and burn in more ways than one. Unfortunately, the most impactful component of the film by far was the new safety measures established in Hollywood following the deaths of two children and one adult while filming a helicopter stunt.

Twilight Zone By Jordan Peele Failed for 4 Reasons

3. Twilight Zone Episodes Should Last No More Than 25 Minutes

Although Rod Serling proposed The Twilight Zone as an hour-long show, he eventually grew to like the “half hour with advertising” structure. He previously stated, ” “Ours is the ideal half-hour program.

We’d have to flesh out our storylines soap opera style if we got to an hour.

Viewers may spend fifteen minutes wondering if they were in the Twilight Zone or the Desilu Playhouse.” This makes sense for a program like this: you can only express the episode’s theme so many times before the viewer says, “OK, we got it,” and you can only tease your ingenious twist ending so many times until it gets dull and predictable.

2. The Social Commentary Was Never Meant To Be A Selling

While it is beneficial to society as a whole that you can now publicly declare, “I’m going to produce a TV show episode on racial police violence,” this is not always a good thing if you operate a program known for its allegories.

Rod Serling, an outspoken anti-racist and anti-fascist, would have taken the same premise and said, “I’m going to make a TV show episode about a woman who can turn back time and then slapped you in the gut with social criticism while you’re not looking.”

How are you expected to strike someone in the belly when you’ve already informed them where you’re going to punch them? That is sound counsel for life in general, not just for metaphorical television shows.

1. There Wasn’t Enough Peele

Peele was in front of the camera for every episode, but behind the camera, things were a little different. Despite co-creating, the series with Kinberg and Marco Ramirez and contributing basic concepts, Peele only authored the screenplay for one episode and co-wrote the narrative for another — the one that rehashed the famous aircraft story but with a cursed podcast instead of a gremlin.

Jordan Peele Instigates A Debate On Who Is the “Best Horror Director of All Time”

Nope, before the debut of his new horror picture Jordan Peele has unintentionally sparked an internet argument about who the finest horror director of all time is.

The Oscar-winning director, known for successes like getting Out and Other People, publicly disputed a fan’s assertion that Peele is the “best horror director of all time.” After rejecting the title, social media users began debating who they believed was the best horror director of all time.

Nope opens in the United States on Friday, July 22, to favorable reviews from critics. With three blockbuster movies in a row, all written and directed by Peele, comic book writer Adam Ellis tweeted to his 900,000 followers, “When shall we declare Jordan Peele the best horror director of all time?”

His ‘hot take’ got attention online when he suggested to her that we get out or else we’ll be nothing less than “contemporary masterpieces.” Peele became interested in Ellis’ situation.

Peele’s claim that Carpenter, the prolific director and creator of the Halloween franchise, was the best of all time provoked controversy among admirers.

“Carpenter, Craven, and Romero surely have more than three fantastic movies,” @dedman13 said.

Craven is recognized for his horror franchises Freddie and another scream, but Romero is known as the “Father of the Zombie Movie” since he developed the Night of the Living Dead series.

Another recent filmmaker’s name has been mentioned.

“The guy from the north has gone too far to still be horror,” @khaallu said. “Aside from that, Robert Eggers is up there.” 

Eggers, like Peele, has only released three films that he wrote and directed: The Witch, Lighthouse, and The Man from the North.

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