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Philip Gabriel is a former media and entertainment reporter. His works have appeared in leading magazines. He has received a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. With his successful career, he has become responsible for covering some of the biggest entertainment stories.  

Who Is Tom Bower? Tom Bower Height, Networth, Age, Bio! Facts To Know

Tom Bower is a British author. Tom Bower was born on 28 September 1946 . His native place is in England, Great Britain. As his native country is England, Tom Bower is a British citizen. He currently works as a professional writer in the UK. As a British author, Tom Bower writes really well.

Tom Bower’s Early Life

In 1946, Tom Bower was born in London. It is following the German annexation of Czechoslovakia which happened in March 1939. His parent’s Jewish refugees left Prague and eventually made their way to London. Early in 1943, they were married in London. Jiri Gerhard Bauer, Tom’s father, stopped using the surname Bauer for the family beginning in 1948. He changed his name to George Gerald Bower, which he declared by deed poll on May 15, 1957.

Tom Bower Height, Networth, Age, Bio!

Tom Bower studied law at the London School of Economics. It is after graduating from the William Ellis School in Hampstead. He became a lawyer for the National Council of Civil Liberties. Tom Bower claims that Tommy the Red, sometimes known as Tommy the Red, was a Marxist during this time.

Tom Bower’s Height, Weight, Family, And Age

Tom Bower stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches. Tom Bower weighs 75 kilograms. These are Tom Bower’s height and weight with respect to her body measurements. Tom Bower has black eyes and dark-tinted hair. Tom Bower is currently 75 years old as of 2022. Tom Bower has four children with his wife, Veronica Wadley, Baroness Fleet, a former editor of the London Evening Standard.

Tom Bower’s Net Worth

Tom Bower has a net worth of around 4 million dollars as of 2021. He has earned much from his writing career. Tom Bower net worth for 2020 was nearly 1 million dollars. It includes Tom Bower’s salary, automobiles, and other assets.

Tom Bower has a net worth of around 10 to 12 million dollars as of 2022. Tom Bower makes between $50,000 and $200,000 a month. He also made money as a freelance writer. He has resided in England since his birth with his parents. Tom Bower’s writing career is the highest income for Him.

Tom Bower’s Career

Tom Bower began working for the BBC in 1970 as a researcher on the show 24 hours. This is before working as a reporter on Panorama. From 1975 to 1987, Tom Bower worked as a producer for Panorama. In 1995, he left the BBC.

It is based on eyewitness accounts and recently disclosed documents in London and Washington. Tom Bower’s debut book Blind Eye to Murder was the first to expose. The Allied failure to track down Nazi war criminals and de-Nazify West Germany after 1945. A TV documentary was based on a book that was serialized for five days. In January 1984, Neal Ascherson published a favorable review of the book in The Observer.

Klaus Barbie: The Butcher of Lyon is Tom Bower’s second book. This book was published in 1984. This book chronicled Klaus Barbie’s war crimes while serving as the Gestapo chief in Lyon, Germany, during World War II. His post-war work by the American intelligence agency Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) and South American arms and drug traffickers published a series version of Bower’s book in September 1983.

The Secret Life of Bernie Ecclestone book is a biography of Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie Ecclestone is the head of Formula One. This book was written and published by Tom Bower in 2011. Bernie Ecclestone assisted Tom Bower in the book’s writing process by making introductions for him. “You write anything you like, as long as it’s basically the truth since he is no angel,” Bernie Ecclestone told Tom Bower over lunch. Bernie Ecclestone’s remark served as the inspiration for the book’s title. “Bernie Ecclestone and Tom Bower grew close, and Bernie Ecclestone would ask Tom Bower, what can he do that’s evil for you?”

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Tom Bower’s Biography Of Simon Cowell

The book “Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell,” was written with Cowell’s aid. Also, this book was published in April 2012. Later, Cowell said Bernie Ecclestone had counseled him to work with Tom Bower. The friendship between Simon Fuller and fellow entertainment mogul Simon Cowell is referenced in the book’s title. It gives Tom Bower 200 hours of access to Cowell. 

Tom Bower later claimed, “Cowell had attempted to limit his access to sources”. After the book’s release, Cowell phoned Tom Bower to express. His embarrassment and to say, “You got things he didn’t realize you’d had.” For a potential book sequel, Tom Bower has obtained Cowell’s cooperation.

Tom Bower’s Broken Vows:

In March 2016, The Tragedy of Power was released which chronicles Prince Charles’s efforts to win back public favor. Following the passing of Princess Diana, it peaked at number one and was serialized.

A biography of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor Party, titled Dangerous Hero, was released in 2019. It was a lengthy Mail that peaked at number two and became the best on the bestseller list. Jeremy Corbyn was branded a Marxist anti-Semite in the book. Peter Oborne has published a severe critique in Middle East Eye.

The book was criticized for its lack of citations, alleged factual errors, and the deliberate withholding of important details. Journalist Oscar Rickett referred to the book as trash, while Stephen Bush, writing. The Guardian branded it a “hatchet job full of rudimentary inaccuracies.” In the book, he made accusations that are not accurate. These accusations were against the Palestinian Return Center.

He officially and unconditionally retracted the claims, joining HarperCollins, the publisher, in doing so. He did not, however, apologize or make restitution to the plaintiff or the lawyers. The accusations will not appear in any upcoming publications of the book. The Gambler, published on October 15, 2020, even has drawn praise for its sympathetic depiction of its topic, in contrast to some of Tom Bower’s prior works.

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