Kate Weatherly Slams The New Rules On Tran’s Athletes!

Mountain Biker Kiwi Weatherly recently told in an interview that she feels that it’s horrifying that some people think that Trans women will ruin women’s support.

Kate Weatherly Slams The New Rules On Tran’s Athletes As ‘Horrifying’

The 24-year-old Mountain Biker Kate Weatherly said in a recent interview that it is ‘pretty horrifying’ that many people think the entry of Tran’s woman in women’s sports will ruin it. Kate also said that the new rules accuse the Trans woman of ruining women’s sports and also they are banning their entry into it.

Kate Weatherly Slams The New Rules On Tran’s Athletes!

Mountain Biker, Kate Weatherly of New Zealand attacked the world swimming’s governing body, FINA saying, “People talk about the fact that we’re coming in and ruining women’s sports but there are way bigger issues than women’s sports face.

The idea that a few trans women coming into a sport and often not even winning and that’s what’s going to ruin women’s sports is pretty horrifying.” Kate Weatherly is a mountain biker and if the new rules are applicable to the mountain bikers, then Kate Weatherly will be banned from continuing her mountain Bike sport. 

The mountain biker complained that the new FINA’s rules are very cut and dry and they essentially ban the Tran’s women from being able to compete in the sports world. Kate feels that the new rules are part of an ugly approach that is trying to separate the Tran’s women from cis women though are all women.

She recently insisted on people on Instagram saying that “as a society, we need to build understanding and acceptance for queer people before we should even worry about sports.” Kate Weatherly made a humongous start in women’s sports in the year 2018.

Kate Weatherly Slams The New Rules On Tran’s Athletes As 'Horrifying'

She won her last race as a female sports player by nearly 30 seconds. She defeated a junior world champion who reportedly criticized and attacked her for unfair advantage. Later on, she won the championship in the elite women’s section. This victory was a higher one as compared to what she had competed in during the male championship.

Kate Weatherly reportedly faced a lot of struggle during her initial years of career as she is a Trans Woman. Talking about her struggles she once said, “I was losing strength and losing speed on tracks even though I was training and riding hard.” She said that It was demoralizing for her. She further told during an interview that she tried to push herself as far as she could but she was going very slowly and slowly.

In the recent Instagram post that she shared this week, Kate said that the hormone replacement therapy leaves Trans women with little to no testosterone. Sometimes it is potentially less than the other competitors.

This also increases the recovery times and in return makes the building muscle/bond density significantly harder than before. She further said, “Because people are so focused on the advantages, they kind of ignore the fact that there are disadvantages that also come along with the transition.”

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