Katie Maloney Has Been Relationship Since She Broke Up With Tom Schwartz

Katie Maloney ‘has gone on a date’ since filing for divorce from her husband Tom Schwartz, according to rumours circulating around us.

After Breakup With Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney Seeing Someone Else

Katie Maloney is making an effort to move on. After her break-up with Tom Schwartz on May 25th of this year, the Vanderpump Rules star revealed that she has been in a relationship.

The Vanderpump Rules star, who is 35 years old, revealed that Bachelor Happy Hour podcast co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young are not aiming to find a boyfriend as soon as possible.

She recently stated that she enjoys flirting.

According to The Bravolebrity, she is simply using dating apps to meet people in real life. She made this remark two months after Katie Maloney and 39-year-old Tom Schwartz announced their separation.

Katie Maloney Has Been Relationship Since She Broke Up With Tom Schwartz

Maloney And Schwartz Shared The Following details about their relationship:

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz were introduced two years ago and married in 2019. This couple’s love story was captured on film. They decided to keep their romance informal after starting the date instead of putting a label on their relationship.

‘After 12 years on an adventure through life together, Tom and I are ending our marriage,’ Malone wrote on Instagram.

She also stated that this conclusion is not welcomed with resentment and that there are no sides to select from. They have a great deal of respect for each other and value their friendship.

Through his article, Tom Schwartz reflected on their happy relationship, saying that Maloney taught him a lot about love and how to be a better partner. He does not believe they have ever been a model pair, in his perspective.

He also speculated that they could be model divorces. The pair split up two days before Valentine’s Day, according to the divorce petition Maloney filed, but they continued to live together while helping one other find a new house.

Previously, we saw that Schwartz continued to wear his wedding ring on his finger, but he indicated in April that he removed it so that he would not be clinging to his marriage with Maloney.

According to Tom Schwartz’s statement, he has been wearing the wedding ring on his finger for a few months, but one day he woke up and realized that he needed to take it off out of respect for Katie Maloney.

He stated at the time that no catalyst had been designated. He provided two reasons for continuing to wear the ring while explaining.

First and foremost, the ring is stunning, and second, he still loves and admires his ex-wife. Maloney is someone he adores.

The couple married in California in the middle of 2016, and then in Las Vegas in July of 2019. They were legally married at the time, according to the proper documents.

In April, Lala Kent, the co-star of Pump Rules, got an insight into Maloney’s dating life, revealing that she and Maloney were ‘on the prowl together’ following her divorce from Randall Emmett.

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