Kelly Monaco, Star Of General Hospital, Escaped A Massive House Fire: Her Net Worth, Weight, Husband, Age, Kids

Kelly Monaco is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She is also a famous American model and an important social media influencer who has been able to make a huge amount of name and fame for herself. She is also a famous reality television star in America. She has been able to develop a perfect career for herself in all these years. This is technically the best achievement of her life.

Kelly Monaco Age, Husband, Height, Instagram

She was born on 23rd May 1976. It is important to mention that her birthplace was Pennsylvania. Not much information is available concerning her parents and her childhood.

Kelly Monaco, Star Of General Hospital, Escaped A Massive House Fire, Her Net Worth, Weight, Husband, Age, Kids

After getting her graduate degree from California, she moved to New York to become an actress. Initially, she had to struggle a lot, but over some time, she was able to get successful. Her journey has been an inspiration to a lot of people.

Date of birth23 May 1976
Height1.6 m
Weight70 kg
Net worth $4 million
Zodiac signGemini


Kelly Monaco was only 17 years old when she first moved out of her place to pursue her dream of becoming an actor. She started by acting in theatres. She even participated in documentaries and short movies until she finally got noticed by some of the best directors in America.

She was the best actress and was known for her incredible acting skills. She was offered her first reality show on MTV in 1997. After that, she also participated in another reality show hosted on Fox TV.

After getting huge recognition, she was finally offered her first television show. In 2012 she finally decided to step out in Hollywood and was extremely successful. She participated in many movies, and all of them were great hits at the box office.

This was technically the biggest achievement of her life. Up till now, she has participated in at least 17 movies. This number is technically huge for an independent person like her. This has made her extremely popular in the entire industry.

Kelly Monaco’s Net Worth

With this successful career, she has made a lot of money. Her net worth is around 39 million. She earns the most of this money from her acting career.

She is also associated with many brands and hence endorses them to earn a fee. This is going to increase goodwill and reputation to the next level.

Kelly Monaco Age And Height

This 46-year-old actress is 5 feet and 2 inches only. But despite that, she has been able to make a huge amount of name and fame for herself.

Hospital Issue

She has been indulged in a lot of controversies and issues. One of the most recent ones includes that she was admitted to the general hospital, and that hospital caught fire.

It was a deadly escape for her. The incident has shaken her to the core, and she is still trying to recover from the shock.


She is a wonderful personality who has achieved new heights of success. She has been able to achieve whatever she wanted with the help of her hard work.


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