Kelly Slater’s Young, Age, Net Worth, Height, Daughter, Girlfriend, And All Abot Personal And Career Life

Born on February 11, 1972, in San Diego, California, Robert Kelly Slater is an accomplished professional surfer from the United States. It’s widely accepted that Slater is one of the world’s most accomplished and experienced surfers. He’s a world-class surfer.

The Beginning Of Kelly Slater’s Career

Slater’s father ran a bait shop, and he and his brothers began surfing at the age of five. It was in the Atlantic coast age divisions where he first started winning races as a child that he won his first United States championship in 1984.

Kelly Slater's Young, Age, Net Worth, Height, Daughter, Girlfriend

Slater made his professional surfing debut in 1990, placing 90th and 43rd in the world rankings, respectively. He took home the title of Rip Curl Pro France champion in 1992. He finished in the top three in three of his first five races.


During that same year, in Hawaii, he became the youngest ever world champion surfer by winning the Pipeline Masters. Slater returned to the global circuit within a year. From 1994 to 1998, he was the undisputed world champion. In 1998, he decided to put his surfing career on hold for a while.

While he was away from the world tour, the former world champion appeared in several surf films, television shows, and video games. Having returned to the international pro circuit in 2002, he won his first title in five years.

It wasn’t until 2003 and 2002 that he made it into the world’s top three positions, respectively. When he won 11 World Championship titles in 2011, he became the youngest and oldest surfer to accomplish this feat at once.

Kelly Slater’s Age

On February 11th, 1972, he was born. Kelly has crossed the fifty-year mark in age.

Kelly Slater’s Height

In terms of height, Slater stands at 5’8″ and 0.5″.

Kelly Slater’s Relationships

Kelly and Kalani have been acquainted for over a decade, having first met at trade shows in the San Diego region. They had never met before the show, despite working for the same employer.

They became fast friends before they started dating and then fell in love. The moment Kalani heard Kelly’s declaration of love for her, she admitted to feeling the same way for him as she had for Kelly.

Since then, Kalani and Kelly have been inseparable, having met while traveling through France. It’s reasonable to assume that the majority of these couples were already married with children, given the time span involved (15 years). Marriage is an option for them, but for the time being, they are putting their careers before family life.

Kelly Slater’s Net Worth

Kelly Slater and Slater, a well-known American surfer with a fortune estimated at $25 million dollars.

Kelly Slater, the defending champion surfer, has yet to be dethroned. Admirers from around the world are drawn to his example.


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