Marlon Wayans Confirmed That White Chicks 2 Is Currently In Production!!

Marlon Wayans confirmed in a follow-up interview with Variety that White Chicks 2 is currently in production. According to Variety, Wayans discussed the film with them.

As Explained By Marlon Wayans, The Sequel Has Been Delayed

But the actor went so far as to say that he hoped for a sequel and that it would be “important” for the business. There has been no official approval from the studio for the movie, but Wayans thinks it’s a good idea at this point in history to make it anyway.

Marlon Wayans Confirmed  That White Chicks 2 Is Currently In Production

Even if the sequel is never released, Shawn and Marlon Wayans are expected to reprise their roles as FBI agents in a follow-up film. In the first film, the two actors played white females investigating a kidnapping plot.

When it comes to a sequel, the Wayans will almost certainly have to disguise themselves as white women to keep their mission on track. For the film’s story, it’s important to mention that the songs played a major role in its success.

Marlon Wayans dressed up as Tiffany Wilson for a date, and Terry Crews’ performance as a singer has become a legend in the entertainment industry. Many people assumed that Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles was the original song after seeing her perform a cover of it.

Regardless of whether there is a sequel, the actor hinted that he would sing a contemporary version of the song in the film. ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen,’ he was quoted as saying in a Yahoo! interview in 2019 as saying.

As for the “whitest white female song,” he said, “I’d sing the whitest you’ve ever seen.” White girls, on the other hand, are currently singing their music about gangsters. Rapping may be incorporated into the song to make it more dynamic. In any case, it would be fantastic if we could pull this off.

The views of Marlon Wayans on the matter

Marlon Wayans has expressed his desire to continue the story of White Chicks even though no sequels have been planned. With the current state of affairs in the world making it the best time to shoot it, he stated in an interview with Variety.

Additionally, he believes the film will be a huge success at the box office and that the Wayans have plenty of real-life material to work with. This is a bonus. Many fans were delighted when Terry Crews revealed in 2019 that the Wayans brothers were hard at work on a sequel.

In spite of their denial of the claims, Marlon insisted that they were still “working towards” their goal Regardless of how you felt about it, the process was moving very slowly and had not yet been formally accepted.

How far in advance can people expect it?

It’s impossible to say exactly when White Chicks 2 will be released because the sequel hasn’t been confirmed yet. Because it is a comedy, filming time is likely to be limited. Coronavirus-caused postponements of several films haven’t deterred Wayans brothers, who spend several hours a day applying makeup.

Anticipated release date of late 2020 or early 2022 has been set for the film’s production. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment of this story, which kicked off with a bang.


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