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Kendrick Nunn’s Net Worth, Age, Salary, Height!

According to reports, Kendrick Nunn is among the most well-known names playing for the Miami Heat in the NBA.

He had gotten into the world of basketball during his time in college. Still, later, he would create a flourishing career in the basketball world.

Who is Kendrick Nunn? His Net Worth, Age, Salary, Height, Career

Nunn is one of the most famous in basketball and the NBA.

He came into this world back in August of 1995. His full name is Kendrick Melvin Nunn. He has an African- American ethnicity, and his hometown is Chicago, Illinois.

Kendrick Nunn's Net Worth, Age, Salary, Height!

His father, Melvin Nunn, was the sole reason for his rise to fame as a professional basketball player. His father was the first coach who taught and trained him to play basketball efficiently and patiently.

Nunn’s father was also a professional basketball player. He was responsible for playing overseas in New Zealand before Nunn was born.

But, after Nunn’s birth, he came to the south side of California, where he spent the rest of his life training Nunn and preparing him to be a strong basketball player.

Nunn later got admission into the Simeon Career Academy, where he used to play stunning basketball matches and managed to win several popular titles during his time there.

He had also won four of the IHSA state titles. He had also secured a scholarship from Rick Majeurs during his first years in the academy.

He later joined Illinois Fighting Illini in 2012, and since then, he has constantly been developing his career as a basketball player.

Net Worth / Salary

According to Nunn’s financial reports, it is evident that Kendrick Nunn has a total net worth of about three million dollars with an annual salary of more than a million dollars.

Net Worth  Salary

He has managed to create his enormous wealth mainly via the help of the contracts he made with NBA teams over the years as a basketball player.

Nunn also recently signed a three-year contract with the Miami Heat, where he is guaranteed a monthly salary of more than hundred and fifty thousand dollars. As a result, his net worth is expected to grow much bigger soon.

Kendrick Nunn’s Age

Kendrick Nunn is 27 years Old

Physical Features Of Nunn

As per the physical reports of Nunn, he is a person of African-American descent. As a result, he has a height of about six feet and two inches and a total body weight of about 86kgs.

He also has a dark complexion on his body, including dark hair and eye color, which further gives him a muscular look during his games in the NBA.

He also has quite a fit body which he maintains through regular workouts and a controlled diet. During one of his interviews regarding his physical fitness, he also remarked that he has to wake up early in the morning to exercise and go to the gym, after which he is allowed to eat.

The Relationship Status Of Nunn

Much about Nunn’s relationship status is not provided to the public eye. Still, he is currently single as Nunn is only twenty-seven years of age as of this year.

Career Of Nunn

After years of perfecting his skills and playing for various teams, Ninn was finally able to sign for the Golden State Warriors during the NBA 2018 Draft. But he was later released after the draft was over. It was the first time he started to play for the NBA.

Later Nunn made a professional debut when he entered the NBA G-league and managed to secure a win against the Northern Arizona Suns.

He also managed to sign a contract with the Miami Heat back in 2019, for which he currently plays in the NBA.

Nunn also won a gold medal for his epic showdown during the ‘2011 FIBA Americas Championship’ where he played for the team USA.

He has also won a second gold medal after his game in the ‘2012 FIBA Americas Championship where he again represents Team USA.

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