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What Happened To Davey Havok? His Net Worth, Family, Bio!

Havok Davey majored in psychology and English. It is at the University of California, Berkeley. After his sophomore year, Havok’s career with AFI took off, and he did not go back to school.

What Happened To Davey Havok? His Net Worth, Family, Bio, And More

Davey Havok is the rock band AFI’s lead singer. He recently talked openly about sustaining a throat injury. It is while under quarantine. In a podcast, Havok Davey shared a story about how he hurt his throat in an unorthodox way. It is by performing too many pushups. Havok allegedly performed up to 570 pushups every day before he felt a pain in his neck.

What Happened To Davey Havok? His Net Worth, Family, Bio!

Havok had been working out diligently to preserve his rock musician physique while in quarantine. But eventually, he overdid it. He also needed therapy for his throat. Every time Havok swallowed, he claimed it was as though he was attempting to swallow a cherry pit. He first had no idea what was happening. It is because he already had a separate vocal cord injury when he pulled the muscle while performing push-ups.

When Havok Davey visited the doctor, they did an MRI on him, and even though there was no structural damage to his throat or neck. They probably came to the same conclusion as he did. He had a neck muscle strain. Havok is now claiming that his voice is excellent. Also, his throat does not hurt anymore after a somewhat protracted recuperation period of many months.

AFI has dropped a brand-new song called “Caught in 2021.” It continues the darker tone they established on their most recent album, Bodies. AFI will embark on a 2022 tour in February to promote their most recent record. Cold Cave will be a special guest on the tour. By the start of the trip the following year, Havok should have fully recovered and been able to perform.

Davey Havok’s Net Worth

A multi-millionaire with a 20 million net worth dollar is Davey Havok. The vast majority of his money comes from his music profession. He has additionally appeared in numerous popular ads. He makes 4 million dollars a year, 32,000 dollars monthly, and 8,000 dollars weekly.

Davey Havok’s Net Worth

Even though they did not have any musical instruments or any experience playing them, Havok and his buddies, Mark Stopholese and Vic Chalker, decided to start a band in high school. When the band’s members left for college after high school, the group split up.

The band decided to reassemble after playing a well-attended reunion event. It is in front of hundreds of fans and produces a debut album with Havok Davey singing lead. 1995 saw the publication of Answer That and Stay Fashionable, while Very Proud of Ya followed a year later. AFI’s third album, Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes, was released in 1997.

The artist has made multiple appearances in movies and TV shows. These TV shows are Godkiller and Knife Fight. In 2013, he released Pop Kids. It is his debut book and a jewelry line model. He has started a number of clothing companies. It includes the vegan Zu Boutique line and Glitterboy. He founded the band Dreamcar in 2016 with Tom Dumont, Adrian Young, and Tony Kanal of No Doubt.


Havok’s Family

Davey Havok and Monica Parker were engaged. This happened in 2001. However, they broke up in 2002. Before becoming engaged, they had been dating each other for two years. Parker is said to have been involved with Matt Shikba. Matt is a well-known Blink 182 co-lead vocalist. However, neither of them would corroborate the cheating rumor.

The vocalist is not committed right now. He was allegedly dating well-known American model Brittany Bowen in 2006. But the couple is no longer together. Neither Havok nor Brittany Bowen acknowledged their relationship.

Havok is said to have dated Ivy Levan. Ivy is an American singer, songwriter, model, and actor. There are images of them kissing one another. In addition, Levan and Havok worked together on the music video for Hang Forever. The media, on the other hand, asserted that they were merely a passing fancy.

Davey Havok’s Biography

Davey Havok‘s real name is David Paden Passaro. He was born on November 20, 1975. His birthplace is in Rochester, New York. He and his mother moved from Rochester, New York, to Sacramento, California. It is to be nearer to the family. It is after his father passed away when he was five years old. Havok adopted his stepfather’s last name after his mother remarried.

The artist completed eighth grade at a Catholic school. The family then moved to Ukiah, California. It is in the late 1980s. Then he attended Ukiah High School until he graduated in 1993. Havok then attended the University of California.

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