WWE: Kevin Nash Reveals Scott Hall’s Devasting Final Days Before He Died

American professional wrestler Scott Hall, who died on March 14, 2022, of a heart attack, is finally discussed by Kevin Nash.

Kevin revealed that Scott had fallen on ice cubes just days before he died, breaking his ribs. A close friend of the Wrestling legend provided a few remarks that perfectly depicted his final days.

Scott Hall Died At Age 63 In March After Taking Off His Life

The 63-year-old Razor Remon was hospitalized after complications from hip surgery. The ice cubes that were thrown on the floor tripped Kevin up while he was trying to retrieve a few pieces from the refrigerator to put in the jar of a drink he was making, according to his story.

Scott’s hips were broken when he walked back to fetch something and his heels caught a chunk of ice that had fallen on the ground.

WWE Kevin Nash Reveals Scott Hall's Devasting Final Days Before He Died

Despite the fact that Scott was in excruciating pain and unable to move, Kevin Nash proceeded to talk about how he lay in the kitchen for some time before passing asleep. The situation had deteriorated by the time he awoke. The wrestler awoke in the sofa set and passed out from dehydration within minutes.

As he is in excruciating agony due to the pacemaker he has in his heart, Scott has warned that he may wheeze if there is no water available. Scott Hall sipped from the jar of water, sip by sip, with all the energy he had left in his exhausted body. According to Kevin, a courageous wrestler pulled himself to his phone and contacted 911.

Late Scott’s teammate said that Scott had to have his hips repaired without medical insurance. When Scott’s friend noticed that his bowel had some sort of hole, he reported that Scott had a slew of other difficulties. A friend of his told him that the hospital was the only place he could find Scott.

Kevin Nash Detailing About Hall’s Health Issue

WWE: Kevin remembered the phone call from Paul, who warned him of Scott’s failing health, as he had already suffered three heart attacks.

Kevin then explained that he was heartbroken since he couldn’t book a flight from either Atlanta or Daytona Beach to reach his best friend, Scott. As soon as the physicians revealed that they were going to disconnect Scott from the artificial facilities keeping him alive, he was told he only had 10 minutes left to live after the connections were cut.

The Kliq guys had an emotional phone call in which the phone was kept on the speaker next to Scott, and Kevin explained that they were unable to do anything but cry and cry over the loss of their friend. It was only after seven hours that the strongest wrestler had to say goodbye.


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