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Who Is Lana Rhoades’ Baby Daddy? Rhoades, Age, Height, Bio!

Amara Maple is better recognized as Lana Rhoades. She is a 25-year-old influencer in Chicago and a former adult film star. Even after she stopped participating in pornographic films and migrated. She no longer posts her photo-sharing stage on her social media pages.

Who Is Lana Rhoades’ Baby Daddy? Ex: Mike Majlak Or Kevin Durant And More About Lana!

Additionally, she co-hosts the 3 Girls, 1 Kitchen podcast with influencers Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams. The group frequently interviews famous people to talk about the highs and lows of dating, sex, and online culture. Rhoades has criticized the pornographic industry. It is demanded that her earlier adult movies be taken off the market.

Who Is Lana Rhoades' Baby Daddy? Rhoades, Age, Height, Bio!

The actress has previously discussed some of the most difficult adult film sequences to shoot. She has also performed for Playboy. Many people believe that Mike Majlak, an author and podcast host, is the father of Lana’s child. It is even though Lana hasn’t confirmed his identity. Before ending their relationship in February 2021, Lana and Mike had been together for numerous years. Mike co-hosts the Impulsive podcast with Logan Paul. In a February 2021 concert, he said that they split up because their relationship was deteriorating and they were frequently fighting.

Although Lana Rhoades has not disclosed the paternity of her child. Milo’s potential father has been the subject of fan speculation. In June 2021, Rhoades communicated about a boring date she had on the 2G1K podcast. She didn’t say who she was going out with, but she did give clues, including the date’s zodiac sign of Libra. This sparked rumors among her followers that her date was Kevin Durant, the only other Libra on the Brooklyn Nets.


Mike Malak called himself an idiot for making a joke about having a paternity test and acknowledged it. It is that he is not the dad of Lana Rhoades’ kid on the June 3rd episode of the Impulsive podcast. Logan Paul poked fun at Mike in the Impulsive podcast episode Logan Paul’s Message To Floyd Mayweather by drawing comparisons between their present relationships and their ex-girlfriends. 

Mike even made fun of the many messages he got from individuals asking him whether. He was the father of the child from all around the world. While some people were happy that Mike Majlak was not the dad.

Lana Rhoades’ Height

Lana Rhoades is 55 kilograms and 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Lana Rhoades’s Age

American actress and model Lana Rhoades were born in McHenry County, Illinois, on September 6, 1996. Lana Rhoades will be 26 years old in 2022.

Lana Rhoades’ Boyfriend

The social media influencer hasn’t yet identified her child’s father. Her followers have, however, made several assumptions about her love life. Among them is her most recent partner. With whom she went on a date after breaking up with Mike. Due to her friendship with Logan Paul, Lana Rhoades met Mike Majlak, a close friend and acquaintance of Logan.

Lana Rhoades’s Age

Lana Rhoades-Husband

The social media influencer is not married right now. She had a previous marriage, but she later got a divorce. When Rhoades was just 18 years old, she married a man named Jones. Her ex-husband is nine years her senior. Their marriage is not widely known to the public. After five years of marriage, they separated. Sadly, none have revealed their reasons for getting divorced. After the breakup, she dated Mike Majlak. 

His effect on social media and YouTube is well-known. Early in 2020, Paul Logan, a mutual friend, introduced the two people. Later that year, they split up, and Mike admitted it in a video posted to his YouTube account.

Lana Rhoades’s Family

She was brought up in a Christian home and follows Christianity. Rhoades hasn’t revealed much about her family. Knowing her parents and siblings is therefore impossible. She loved dancing and performing. In high school, she participated in the cheerleading squad and loved gymnastics. She relocated to Los Angeles after receiving her degree and started working as a server at the Tilted Tilted Kilt sports bar. Later, she moved to develop an exotic dancer.

Lana Rhoades’s Biography

In 2017, Rhoades also appeared in the movie Lana. The Instagram celebrity grew up to end up in juvenile detention and on the wrong side of the law. To create a good future in her career in the adult film industry, she moved from Chicago to Los Angeles.

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