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Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend Accused Lisa Hochstein Of Cyberbullying Her Using Fake Account

Leonard Hochstein filed for divorce from Lisa Hochstein of the Real Housewives of Miami, after which the physician began dating the former Miss Vienna Katherina Mazepa, who claimed disclosed Lisa had cyberbullied her using a phoney account.

According to the Australian model’s rep, Lisa set up a phoney Instagram account called “Finsta” solely to harass her current boyfriend’s surgeon boyfriend’s children, Losa could be a danger to the children of her boyfriend. Lisa, on the other hand, adamantly refuted Katherena’s accusations.

Katharina Mazepa Claims Lisa Hochstein For Cyberbully But She Denies

By the time Katherina’s divorce was finalised, Lisa had threatened her by phone, suggesting she was a danger to the children, and then proceeded to cyberbully her through a phoney account, according to the model’s representative.

Lisa responded to the accusations by saying that she had a lot on her plate and that she doesn’t have time to play along with Katherina’s childishness. In response to the charges, Lisa Hochstein stated that she needed to focus on her children.

If they don’t, Mazepa could be dangerous. In addition, the television star said that Mazepa’s true colours and reckless motives were shown in this episode.

Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend Accused Lisa Hochstein Of Cyberbullying Her Using Fake Account

Lisa, Lenny’s ex-wife, urged in her declaration to the court that her ex-husband avoid any contact with Katherina, the alleged girlfriend of Lenny Hochstein, because Lisa believes she is a danger to minors. Furthermore, she said that she had left their lavish mansion because Lenny had been bickering with her in front of the children.

Lenny Hochstein’s lawyer, Richard Brera, asserted that Lisa is merely putting on a show for the public since he saw Lisa pursue Lenny as he fled the mansion. Lisa Hochstein has not responded to the assertion. It’s clear from Brera’s comments that Lisa craves attention, and it’s not just from the media, but also on social media.

A decade of marriage ended in a divorce for Lenny and Lisa in May despite the fact that the divorce papers Lenny, 55, signed in 2009 stipulated he would be responsible for Lisa’s spousal support in the event of a divorce.

In the meantime, Lenny has already made it clear in the legal documents that he intends to help his children Logan, 6, and Ellie, 2, in whatever way he can. His children’s loving father also expressed his desire to spend quality time with them frequently.


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