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Where Is Priscilla Presley Now? About Elvis And Priscilla’s Controversial Marriage!

When it came time to sell the Graceland mansion in December 2020 for the projected sale price of US$16 million, Elvis Presley Enterprises Chairwoman Priscilla Anne Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife, moved quickly, selling it for the least margin price of US$13 million. Amidst the announcement of Austin Butler’s planned biography of her ex-husband, she recently opened up about their turbulent marriage.

However, Priscilla, 77, unclogged the story of their problematic marriage before the public, despite the fact that they had already been rumored to have married following reports of pregnancy and other scandals.She was barely a teen when she met Elvis for the first time, and he was already 10 years older. In a recent interview, the actress remembered that she married Elvis Presley in 1973 after a seven-year relationship.

Elvis And Priscilla: Iconic Couple Had Surprisingly Short Marriage

Elvis was serving in the military and Priscilla’s family was meddling in their romantic relationship at the beginning of their relationship.

However, the immortal love tale only came to an end when Elvis’ drug addiction repeatedly tested their partnership, which ultimately led the pair to court. In a move that stunned both their admirers and detractors, the iconic duo exited the court’s halls hand in hand.

Where Is Priscilla Presley Now About Elvis And Priscilla's Controversial Marriage!

The Diva had been behind the scenes for all these years, but she drew the public’s attention when her CBS show, Dallas, premiered. Naked Gun, a comedy picture featuring Leslie Neilsen, was another role for the talented actress.

Three years ago, the actress starred in the film Wedding at Graceland 2019, which was released in 2015.

Visited Grace Mansion to mark Elvis‘s 87th birthday and asked people to join in the celebrations with her two words: “Celebrate the event.” In her role as genuine queen, she has never abandoned the heirlooms bequeathed to her by her king.

As a result, Graceland has become America’s second most-visited house after the White House.

It is necessary to acknowledge Priscilla’s contribution to turning the mansion into a tourist attraction in 1994 when she refurbished the beautiful stately property.Priscilla Presley is one of the co-founders of the company that transformed Graceland from a bankrupt property into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States for decades.


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