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Magic Johnson Net Worth: Age, Bio, Career, And More!

Magic Johnson played professionally in the National Basketball Association for the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic was formerly in charge of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Magic Johnson is recognized as one of the NBA’s all-time great point guards.

Magic Johnson Biography

In Michigan, Mr. Johnson was born on 14 August 1959. He has ten brothers and a sister, in addition to his parents. His parents had day jobs to help maintain such a large family. He was referred to as “Magic” in high school.

Magic Johnson Net Worth Age, Bio, Career, And More!

It is because of his early basketball talent. He entered college on a basketball scholarship. He was chosen for the NBA while still a student. The Magic Johnson era with the Los Angeles Lakers is referred to as the team’s Golden Age.

He made his sporting retirement known in 1991. He has publicly acknowledged having HIV as of this year. Until that point, it was commonly believed that people with HIV couldn’t expect to live a long life.

But thanks to Magic Johnson’s magic, he is still in fantastic condition after 30 years of being HIV positive. For 30 years, Mr. Johnson has devoted himself to dispelling the myth. It is believed that only drug users and homosexuals are affected by this illness.

Magic Johnson’s Age

The age of Magic Johnson is 63.

Magic Johnson’s Stature

Magic Johnson stands at 2.06 m and is 6′ 9 tall.

Magic Johnson’s Career

His high school and college basketball teams both selected Magic Johnson. The Los Angeles Lakers chose him as their best player. In the 1979 NBA Draft, he was nominated first.

Magic Johnson's Career

He achieved success immediately and was a starter in the NBA All-Star Game and NBA All-Rookie Team. He led his team to victory in the 1980 NBA Finals. He distinguished himself as the lone rookie to win the MVP award.

Following the healing of a knee injury in 1981, the highest-paying contract on the market at the time, for 25 million dollars, went to him. In the NBA Finals in 1982 against Philadelphia, once serving as the team’s leader, he received his second NBA Finals MVP Award.

The Sixers won the NBA championship over him in the 1982–1983 season. It was prior to the Celtics’ victory the following season. It is from the NBA season of 1986–1987.

He partnered with Abdul Jabbar to lead Los Angeles to victory over the Boston Celtics in the 1985 NBA Finals. The club went on to win its fourth championship. He was given his third Finals MVP award.

Magic Johnson successfully defended his title against the Detroit Pistons. It was during the 1987–88 NBA season. It earns him his fifth and last career NBA championship.

after learning he had HIV. He announced his retirement from the NBA after the 1991–1992 season. He was even represented after being selected by the general public to participate in the 1992 NBA All-Star Game. It is the American delegation at the Summer Olympics.

In addition to his playing career in the NBA, he coached the Lakers from 1993 to 1995. Additionally, he bought stock in the Lakers. He oversees their basketball operations.

Magic Johnson’s MVP Award

Johnson is a legend in the NBA and has received numerous honors. Some of the honors include entry into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

The Basketball Hall of Fame, three NBA MVP Awards, three-time NBA Most Valuable Player honors, the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, and five NBA titles.

Magic Johnson Mansions

Johnson and his wife have a residence in the private neighborhood of Beverly Park. The pair also own a beach house in Dana Point, Orange County, California, with a Tuscan design.

When their children were little, the couple’s residence was in Napili, Hawaii. It was too distant to go. So, they switched it for the beach property. It is around 75 miles south of Beverly Hills.

Magic Johnson’s Net Worth

Magic Johnson, a former basketball player in the league, has a net worth of 600 million dollars. Magic Johnson is an American. He is the most well-known former NBA player from the United States. He made about $100 million through basketball.

The rest was from his business. Following his basketball retirement, Magic Johnson Enterprise is the name of the company he established. In 2021, it is anticipated to be worth 1.2 billion dollars. This company owns and operates movie theaters, coffee shops, film studios, and promotional marketing firms, among other things.

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