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Is Matt Smith Married? Who Is His Girlfriend? Is He Dating?

Matt Smith is the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated English actor who has been reaping the limelight for his astounding portrayal of The Doctor in the hit television series Doctor Who during 2010-2014. 

In addition, he is also better known for his performance in several films and TV shows, involving Bert & Dickie in 2012, Clone in 2010, The Crown during 2016-2017, and Official secrets in 2019. Most presently, he is making headlines for his character as Jack during the movie, Last night in Soho.

As a well-accomplished actor with millions of fan followings, it isn’t that odd that individuals want to learn more about him. And, what they are more interested in is his love life and whom he is presently dating. 

Who is Matt Smith Dating Presently? 

Carolin Brady, sister of Millie Brady of The Queen’s Gambit, was said to be dating Matt in May 2021. Millie co-featured with Anya Taylor-Joy in the Netflix series, so the 2 were already comparatively close. Anya subsequently co-featured with Matt in the movie Last Night in Soho. 

Who is Matt Smith Dating Presently

Reliant to an individual who spoke with the Mail on Sunday, he and Caroline may have met through this mutual acquaintance. Friends of Millie’s supposed last month that she and he were dating each other. Caroline has a sister who is an actress, but she decided to go to a dissimilar location with her life. She functions with Black Rock as a vice president in the charge of active reasonable impact. Neither partner has acknowledged they are dating, nor have they been seen together in the public. 

Who Is Matt Smith’s Wife? Is He Married To Someone? 

Matt Smith is not wedded, but he is in a relationship with his wife-to-be, Caroline Brady. A report presents that they are engaged. He and his girlfriend are supposed to be sharing a proficient portion of life together. 

Who Is Matt Smith’s Wife Is He Married To Someone

Not to mention, Brady is the vice president of Active Equity Impact Investing and is also identified as the sister of English actress Millie Brady. Matt Smith and his beautiful girlfriends met each other as both of them had an interest in acting. In addition, the pair shares a robust bond, and they are doing well in their life. He often posts pictures and images with his partner on his social media account.  

Their engagement was ensured when the actor shared a picture in March with his beautiful partner wearing beautiful rings. Apart from that, he also had some girlfriends in the past who he saw openly. 

Therefore, the girlfriends and boyfriend duo might anytime soon turn into a wedded couple. 

Is Smith A father To A Child? Is He Single? 

It was to everyone’s surprise that he had not become a father. But the wait is over as The Crown superstar is finally a dad. Through his official account on Instagram, he proclaimed and announced last month that he became a father for the initial time in his life. He and his fiancee welcomed their baby boy, Bobby Riley Smith, on 18th April 2022. 

Is Smith A father To A Child Is He Single 

Matt Smith’s Ex-Girlfriends

In 2010, in an interview with The Guardian, Matt claimed that he “likes to think” that he has always been well-liked by beautiful women. The actor once admitted to the Mirror UK that he and his handsome father were shopping for food to bring home when they happened to encounter their 1st girlfriend in the meat segment of a Tesco Supermarket. 

Matt Smith's Ex-Girlfriends

In 2008, while relishing the limelight, Matt began dating Brazilian model, actress, and singer Mayana Moura. In contrast, the two in 2009, ended their romance after a year. When asked about his perfect woman during the same 2010 interview, Matt responded, “Oh my my! Daisy (Rebecca) Lowe is already intricate, therefore that is not a choice.

Haha! She’s an attractive woman. Oh, I have no idea. Someone who plays the guitar, is beautiful, has a wonderful heart, and escalates the same things I do. The fact that Matt followed her and began dating the fashion model during the same year proved to be a privileged for him.

Prior to their breakup in 2014, the two had an on-again, off-again relationship for some time. After that, Matt began dating Lily James, an actress. After meeting on the ‘Pride & Prejudice & Zombies’ sets in 2014, they began seeing each other. They did seem content together, and Lily even got to meet Matt’s family.

But at the end of 2019, the couple separated after over 5 years of dating. Even though Matt has been rumored to be dating a handful of his other co-stars, involving Claire Foy and Anya Taylor-Joy, none of the included parties have ensured the reports, so we have to concern them unfounded rumors.

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