Matthew Morrison Was Fired From SYTYCD Because He Sent A Contestant “Flirty” Messages

Matthew Morrison, a well-known American actor, dancer, and singer, recently sent a contestant some flirty messages. In 2011, Morrison began dating Renee Puente.

Matthew Morrison Was Fired From SYTYCD After Sending “Flirty” Messages To A Contestant

On June 27, 2013, Morrison and Puente said yes to each other. The wedding took place on the island of Maui on October 18, 2013. They have a son and a daughter together.

Their son’s name is Revel James Makai Morrison, and their daughter’s name is Phoenix Monroe, and she is 11 months old.

Matthew Morrison, JoJo Siwa, and Stephen “tWitch” Boss were all named judges for the 17th season of So You Think You Can Dance on April 4, 2022.

On May 27, he told the press that he was very excited and said that the last episode should air on June 8.

Matthew Morrison Was Fired From SYTYCD Because He Sent A Contestant Flirty Messages

Morrison said a few days ago that he would leave after filming the audition for the 17th season of So You Think You Can Dance.

At the same time, it was said that he didn’t follow the rules for competition production, but no one knows what those rules were.

What Happened Exactly?

In the news right now, it is said that Morrison sent “flirty” messages to a contestant, who now feels uncomfortable because of them.

A source started saying, according to a report, that he was fired from the show because the flirty judge had an illegal relationship with a female contestant.

The source also said that Morrison and the contestant did not have sex, but that he reached out to her through flirty messages on social media.

After hearing his lines, the female contestant started to feel uncomfortable and went to talk to the producers who were in charge of the Fox dancing competition.

According to someone who knows, they fired him after they started their investigation. Morrison and the unnamed female contestant “never met off-set,” but the flirty messages they sent “crossed the line.”


What Matthew Morrison Says

Morrison told People that being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance was a big deal for him and that he was very grateful for the chance. But it’s a shame that he will be leaving SYTYCD after season 17.

He said that he was leaving because, after filming the auditions for season 17 of SYTYCD and choosing the 12 finalists from all of the contestants, he didn’t follow the rules for making a competition.

They tried to stop him because they thought that his actions were making it hard for him to judge the competition fairly. He not only did something wrong, but he also treated his wife, Puente, badly.

He couldn’t say sorry enough to everyone involved, and he will watch with them what he is sure will be one of the best seasons yet.

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