Jennifer Aniston Borrowed Monica’s Floral Midi Dress From Friends 2004

The members of ‘Friends’ never forgot to retrieve some treasured items from the set after the show finished over a decade ago. Jennifer Aniston is now flaunting the item she snatched from Monica Geller’s wardrobe on social media.

Jennifer Aniston Borrowed Monica’s Dress From ‘Friends’ 

The actress Jennifer Aniston’s recent Instagram Stories post drew the attention of most of her friends and admirers to her dress. Chris McMillan, her long-time hairstylist, was included in the photo. The photo was taken to show off her new hairstyle, which Chris had done in a unique way. But things moved in a different direction when the outfit she was wearing became the center of attention.

Monica Geller's Floral Midi Dress From Friends 2004

Aniston was like, merely to publish a photo of herself with her new hairstyle, the one selfie she took stood out as spectacular and fabulous. Her new hairstyle was cute in a different way than a typical fair outfit. But it was her clothing that drew worldwide attention: a simple, unforgettable flowery dress with black lace, a high V neck, and adorable tiny sleeves. Everything was fine the way it was.

Monica wore the dress on the set of ‘Friends,’ and Aniston looked just lovely in it. Now, the photo highlights Aniston’s edgy style, which she ripped right from her Friends co-star Courteney Cox’s closet.

The actress Jennifer Aniston's recent Instagram Stories post

Aniston admitting to plundering Monica’s closet of the identical floral dress in an interview.

“She says,” she continues “I went through her amazing wardrobe and pulled out a dress that caught my eye, one that Monica typically wears. I still have it and use it quite frequently.”

Her photo, which she captioned, received a lot of attention “Do you recognize the outfit? It’s still there. @friends @courteneycoxofficial @courteneycoxofficial @courteneycoxofficial @courteneyco”

If this post and its caption do not fall into the BFF circle, who knows what will happen to the rest of us!

We all know that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have a good friendship, and it’s lovely to see the actress stealing clothes from her former co-star, which they wore together (in 2004).

Aniston wore a cap-sleeved, lace-trimmed midi dress in the photo, which is now on fashion. This demonstrates that the best things in life, whether they be friends, fashion, or anything else, last forever.

NBC broadcasted 10 seasons of “Friends” from 1994 to 2004. According to Cox: “That was a remarkable period. We all became friends and had a deep emotional bond. We had out-of-the-box chemistry as a group. The project changed our lives, and we all have that wonderful feeling inside of us that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.”

All of the other cast members have mementos from ‘Friends.’ The I Love Friends license plate now belongs to LeBlanc, and the list goes on. Kudrow wears a ring that belongs to Phoebe Buffay.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your friends.

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