Post Malone Unveils A New PostyCo Kids Collection! After The Birth Of His First Child

The popular artist, Post Malone, has welcomed a daughter into the world. While speaking on The Howard Stern Show on Monday, the singer revealed this happy family news. He announced the birth of her Lil daughter and his engagement to the mother of his baby girl throughout the performance.

Fans were shocked and delighted to learn this breaking news. All of the singer’s social media posts went up as soon as they started. They sent to Malone and his family their deepest sympathies and best wishes in each and every pot they made.

Post Malone Taking His Duties As A New Dad Seriously

When it comes to his recent actions, it is clear that the singer has taken over fatherhood duties extremely swiftly and thoroughly.

Malone, a nine-time Grammy Award nominee, now has a big PostyCo Kids collection after welcoming his first kid with his fiancee.

From infants to toddlers to young rockstars, PostyCo’s Kids collection has adorable cute clothing collections for the shining stars in a wide range of sizes. In fact, Post Malone was so taken by their adorable children’s products that he had preordered a large quantity for his little angel.

Post Malone Unveils A New PostyCo Kids Collection, After The Birth Of His First Child

Posto Kids, he said, is a great place for kids to find their favorite Post Malone clothes and accessories, such as sweatshirts, onesies, and tees, all of which feature the artist’s visuals and more.
The PostyCo Kids collection also includes a cartoon-only tote bag, which is a nice addition to the clothing. Post Malone’s likeness appears in the animation.

This appears to be a great technique to store energy, and it’s a must-have item! A black baseball cap with Post Malone inscribed across the front in white wire graphics comes next.

The collection Is Very Reasonably Priced And Will Be Shipped Out In August

In May, Post Malone gave birth to a daughter, and he and his girlfriend discussed the joys and challenges of motherhood. Fans are eagerly awaiting Malone’s post-parenthood advancements, as he recently became a father for the second time. However, several of his admirers were upset because he didn’t divulge that he had a girlfriend at the time.

On “The Howard Stern Show,” the singer revealed that he had just kissed his daughter before heading to the studio and was still ecstatic.

This is certainly brand new info for me and none of us on the crew were aware that you have a fiancée and a daughter,” Stern said after Malone confirmed the news.

Then Malone said, “Yes, everything was kept under wraps until now when we decided it was time to let the cat out of the bag. And now that our daughter is here, we have nothing to conceal and no desire to keep our relationship a well-guarded secret.” And he even went on to say how thrilled he is to begin a new chapter in his life.

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