Quavo Net Worth, Career, Source Of Income, Car, And House!

Since joining the hip-hop group Migos, which he has done three studio albums with, Quavo has gained the brunt of his fame. Migos is a close-knit trio that creates head-bobbing music, and they support one another in releasing music and advancing their respective careers.

Quavo is similar to the others in that they each released a solo album while performing as a group. In addition to his work with Migos, he started working on his solo career in 2014 and released his debut song, “What Are You Thinking.” In addition to Drake and Meek Mill, Quavo also worked with 2 Chainz.

Quavo Net Worth

Quavo net worth of $26 million stems from his work as an American rapper, musician, composer, music video producer, and recording artist. Sources claim that Quvao earned $150,000 per show on the Migos tour in 2016 while he was a member of the group.

Quavo Net Worth

The earnings of Migos were $25 million from September 2017 to September 2018. The group’s demanding tour schedule, which included 93 gigs over a year, had a significant role in achieving that figure. They are among the most well-known streaming artists, receiving 4 billion streams during the same timeframe.

They made between September 2018 and September 2019 was $36 million. Migos is the highest-selling trio, and one of the most popular streaming acts, with 4 billion streams across all platforms.

Full NameQuavious Keyate Marshall
ProfessionAmerican rapper
Sources of IncomeProfession
Biggest AssetsLamborghini and Rolls-Royce
ResidenceAthens, Georgia
Date of Birth2 April 1991
Age31 year old
Marital StatusIn A Relationship
EducationBerkmar High School
Girl Friend NameKarrueche
Wealth TypeSelf-made

Quavo Key Facts 

  • Frank Morley and Lilian Janet Bird welcomed Quavious Keyate Marshall into the world on April 2, 1991.
  • The Migos are a family unit; Quavo is Offset’s cousin, and Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew. They all grew up in Gwinnett County together.
  • Despite his lean build, he was the team’s starting quarterback and had a keen sense of the game. Quavo set the previous record in 2009 by completing 28 passes in a single game.
  • By the beginning of 2014, Complex Music labeled Quavo, the most significant rapper.
  • Police have reported being intimidated by Quavo in the past. He was detained in 2015 on suspicion of possessing marijuana, illegal drugs, and weapons.
  • In Dan Glover’s Atlanta, Quavo appeared as a character who resembled himself in real life.

Quavo Career

In 2014, Complex Music, an online hip-hop appreciation community, named Quavo, the most outstanding artist. Additionally, in 2016, he played himself in the TV show Atlanta, which starred Donald Glover. “Quavo Huncho,” his first studio album released on his own, peaked at number two on the “Billboard” 200 charts in 2018.

Quavo Career

In addition to concentrating on his solo music career, Quavo has worked with well-known performers. I’m The One, a DJ Khaled song starring Quavo, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and Chance The Rapper, among its featured artists, is one of his most renowned collaborations. The RIAA awarded the song an eight-time platinum distinction in the United States.

Before joining Migos, he was an avid sports fan and quarterback in football. His passion for hip hop started in middle school. During his time there, the rapper showed enough promise to advance from the bench to the starting lineup.

Despite not possessing tremendous muscle strength, according to his former coach, Quavious was an excellent football player and a fighter. The 2009 campaign saw the Berkmar Patriots finish with a 1-9 record. Quavious was incredibly clever on the field, understanding the scheme and how to assess the defense.

Marshall was a fantastic colleague who always laughed and enjoyed himself. Quavious also developed an interest in music around this period. He came up with an alias that is now well-known and penned all of his songs.

Quavious envisioned himself as a successful musician. However, he decided to forgo finishing high school and pursue a career in music instead.

Quavo Source Of Income 

As a solo artist and member of the Migos, Quavo has sold millions of albums, and the vast majority of his money has come from performances and live events. 300 Entertainment and Quality Control Music formerly oversaw Migos.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the band did, however, part ways with 300 Entertainment in 2015. Under 300 Entertainment, the band only made $30,000–$40,000 per night, while with Quality Control Music, they made up to $60,000 per show.

Quavo has gained notoriety and increased his net worth through his music, and he has also become the face of retail brands, which has become a second source of revenue. Quavo has made waves as a gifted performer and astute brand advocate. Quavo has begun to accept personal brand endorsements as a solo artist.

Quavo was named the brand manager for Lids in 2019, according to Business Insider, after his buddy and fellow rapper Meek Mill joined as a co-owner of the retail athletic firm.

Quavo Houses 

Quavo is becoming a savvy real estate investor after spending more than $2.5 million on three Georgia homes in the previous year. The rapper from the group Migos made his first acquisition on August 30, 2017, when Migos Touring, Inc. bought a 6-bedroom, 6.5-bath, 11,000-square-foot mansion in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Quavo successfully convinced the seller to reduce the house’s asking price from $2,098,000 to $1,885,000. The house lies on over two acres of land and has a wine cellar, workout and game room, terrace level with kitchen, video room, pool with waterfall, bar, sauna, and a curved staircase. It also is situated in the wealthy Country Club of the South.

Quavo Cars 

Rapper Quavo is not one to hold back when sharing all that happens to him, and he enjoys flaunting his opulent lifestyle. With his vast wealth, the rapper can buy almost anything he wants, including many cars. He loves Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce and frequently posts pictures of his Cullinan on social media.

Quavo Car

The Cullinan is all he needs to flaunt his money because it is the first SUV from the British luxury brand. The SUV is a powerful, luxurious, exotic vehicle with a $330,000 market value. His collection also includes one of the most opulent SUVs on the market, the USSV Rhino GX, and a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster that has been expertly upholstered.

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