Daddy Yankee’s Manager Raphy Pina Is Sentenced To Prison For 41 Months

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Raphy Pina, the 43-year-old music leader, maker, and chief to rapper Daddy Yankee and artist Natti Natasha, has been condemned to 41 months (three years and five months) in jail. The Puerto Rico government judge likewise requested him to pay $150,000 endorse for his conviction of unlawful ownership of guns.

Daddy Yankee’s Manager Jailed

Judge Francisco A. Besosa has denied bail forthcoming allure, with Pina requested to give up willfully, which he did. Pina will spend time in jail in Florida and be put under administered discharge for quite some time toward the finish of his term.

Daddy Yankee's Manager Raphy Pina Is Sentenced To Prison For  41 Months

As per a court document, government investigators requested an especially extreme jail sentence of 46 to 50 months by referring to his earlier 2016 crime conviction and the risk presented via programmed weapons. Pina’s lawyers, then again, mentioned no jail time and just probation. The court acknowledged neither solicitation.

Pina was joined in court by his accomplice Natti Natasha, to whom he is additionally chief, his three more seasoned youngsters, and Daddy Yankee.

In 2020, Pina was prosecuted, confronting allegations of having two handguns and ammo, regardless of his 2016 crime conviction for extortion and tax evasion charges which kept him from legitimately doing such.

In that sense, he let the press know that the specialists have been examining him starting around 2018 for drug dealing and tax evasion, criminal matters that he denied being connected with the reggaeton business.

Rafi Pina, the pioneer behind Pina Records, was condemned around five months after the fact to life in jail in the wake of being sentenced by an appointed authority to counting one programmed weapon. Not just that, he had various others holding guns to an individual sentenced for a criminal offense.

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As per a court recording, in April, government examiners were requesting a more extreme sentence of 46 to 50 months, referring to his past 2016 criminal conviction and “murder” brought about by a programmed weapon.

Rafi’s legal counselors gave a condemning update on May 20, 2022, referring to a proper sentence: no jail time and just probation.

Rafi was joined by his accomplice Natasha and their three oldest kids and Daddy Yankee. Not long under the steady gaze of the appointed authority given over the last decision, Pina tended to the court; it was a man’s “generally troublesome” circumstance to guarantee that terrible opportunity.

Pinar was accused in August 2020 of ownership of two handguns and a few hundred rounds of ammo, in spite of the fact that he was banned from doing such in 2016 in the wake of being sentenced for government misrepresentation and tax evasion.

As per court reports, “Close by April 1, 2020, Pina-Nivas, who was viewed as an indicted criminal and recently precluded from conveying or conveying guns because of limitations on conviction, intentionally had a Glock gun, model 19, 9mm.

The type, which changed naturally, was a Smith and Wesson, a model SD40, .40 type, and a sum of 526 rounds of live ammo for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.



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