In Response To The BET Awards’ Criticism, Lil Nas X Has A New Diss Track!

In a social media post last week, Lil Nas X criticized BET’s nominees for the BET Awards, which he wasn’t a part of. It wasn’t long before he removed the posts. A series of videos slamming the network and its annual awards program helped him make up for lost time today.

In Response To The BET Awards’ Criticism, Lil Nas X Has A New Diss Track!

Video leaked on social media today shows Lil Nas lip-syncing to an unpublished sample from an unreleased “Late To The Party” song, which begins with the lyric “F*** BET.” According to his Top-10 charting songs from the previous year as evidence, he has topped in numerous award shows and is capable of accomplishing it on his own. The video has nearly a million views on Twitter alone, where it is a top trending topic.

In Response To The BET Awards' Criticism, Lil Nas X Has A New Diss Track!

First, BET and Lil Nas X had a tumultuous relationship last week when the rapper’s name was missing to be found amid the likes of Doja Cat, Ari Lennox, and a few other notable names. ‘Thank you very much for the winnings,’ I said. At the moment, he tweeted, “Black glory!” in reference to the nomination.

Lil Nas explains with a sad heart that he has to fight to be acknowledged because he is gay and black, and even when we make it to the top, m*s try to pretend we are invisible. The 2019 and 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards both recognized Lil Nas with five further nominations. As of this writing, he has not been nominated for any BET Awards.

In response to the controversy, BET issued a statement in which it defended its position. Lil Nas X’s ability and ingenuity have been praised by BET, and they are pleased to introduce him to their audience. According to BET, he received more support than anyone else that night. However, he was not nominated by BET this year, and the voting is done by an esteemed group of 500 industry experts, none of whom are members of the network.


Lil Nas X is a 23-year-old rapper and performer from Lithia Spring, Georgia, who was born and reared there. For the longest time, his song “Old Town Road” had been on the Billboard Hot 100, and he has the distinction of being the most-nominated male musician. A.K.A. “Lil Nas X,” his real name is Montero Lamar Hill. He’s already accomplished a lot and won a slew of important honors for his tender age.

BET asserts that they are ardent advocates for the amazing variety of our community at BET and are committed to leveraging all of our platforms to improve the visibility and inclusion of the numerous intersections of the Black community. The BET Awards will take place on June 26 at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, and the date has been set. A delayed version of the ceremony, hosted by Taraji P. Henson, will show in the West at 8 p.m. ET on BET.

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