Valerie Bertinelli’s Husband, Tom Vitale Requests Spousal Support Amid Divorce


Marriages are made in heaven, and hence this is evident from the recent event which has taken place. Be it the marriage of an ordinary person and, at the same time, the marriage of some Hollywood star, the desires and the basic expectations of the people usually remain the same.

Something similar to this has happened with Valerie and Tom recently. According to recent news, the former’s spouse has been able to request support and every other kind of assistance that could be asked for.

Valerie Bertinelli’s Husband, Tom Vitale Requests Spousal Support Amid Divorce

However, the entire situation is a bit different for the time being. First, it is important to mention that Valerie Bertinelli’s husband has been able to request spousal support in a new divorce filing already obtained by Fox News Digital.

According to recent sources, it was believed that this support would be related to matters that are technically beyond a person’s control. Still, this support has been able to register the fact that the support is not only required for living together but, at the same time, it is required at the time of separation.

Need of support 

Tom wants to file for a divorce, and since no positive outcome is being derived from the lower Courts, he has finally decided to raise the matter before the supreme court. This is taking place in the city of Los  Angeles. It is important to mention that the couple has been trying hard to reach the stage of finally getting divorced. Still, at the same time, it becomes important to mention that they are planning to challenge the validity of the premarital agreement. This agreement was filed in 2010 before they entered into the marriage.

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The main intention behind this kind of agreement was the basic fact that if the couple is not in a position to maintain a healthy relationship after marriage, they will finally divorce each other. This is what has happened between then and now. Therefore, they have been able to express the intention that everything should be brought to an end as soon as possible before the matters between them become ugly. 

It is advised that they stay calm until the court finally pronounces the judgment. This is essential to note because of the simple reason that nothing will happen even if the judgment is pronounced a bit late because they have already been able to release the stress and make themselves ready to break off the relationship. That is why they both have been trying to ask out for each other’s support before it is too late because many things have to be managed for the time being.


If the couple supports each other during the times, it will become possible for everyone to manage the different types of factors together. This will be helpful to the next best way, and this is the best way in which the factors have to be managed. 

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