RIP Julee Cruise, Legend Of Music Passes Away!

Finally, after suffering from systemic lupus, the famous singer of the late 20th century, Julee Cruise, passed away this week.

Frequent David Lynch Collaborator Passes Away

Julee Cruise finally passes away at the right bold age of 65 years. The news of the passage of the legendary singer was ultimately confirmed by her husband, Edward Grinnan.

RIP Julee Cruise, Legend Of Music Passes Away

Grinnan made a post on his social media account regarding the sad news. He said that Julee had finally left this realm and moved beyond. 

He also mentioned that even in death, she maintained her fiery personality and left the world of living with no regret but only happy and beautiful memories of her incredible career as a legendary singer in the history of American music.

In one of the recent interviews after the passing of the famous singer, Grinnan remembered that, during the last moments of Julee, he played her renowned song ‘Roam’ so that the late singer could forever roam this beautiful world and have a happy afterlife where she can rest in peace.

How Did Julee Cruise Die?

The late singer Julee Cruise had been suffering from chronic alcohol addiction as well as drug addiction. She also had systemic Lupus in her body. As a result, it was challenging for her to even stand correctly. 

Thus, unable to take the constant pain any longer, she committed the unthinkable, left the land of the living, and transitioned to the great beyond at the age of 65 years. The cause of death was also later posted by her husband Grinnan on his social media accounts.

How Is The World Reacting To This loss?

The loss of such a legendary singer broke the heart of many worldwide. Many American actors conveyed their sympathy and deep condolences to the late singer’s family.

In one of the posts made by the American actor, Kyle MacLachlan commented that she is deeply saddened and heartbroken due to the sudden passing of such a great singer.  She remembered hearing the angelic voice of Julee Cruise for the first time when she was young. It was a voice that mesmerized her and stunned her, as she later mentioned.

She also said that, like the angelic voice she had, she would now be joining the aliens from beyond and floating with them, roaming this beautiful world.

In another post, David Lynch also paid tribute to the late singer by quoting, “She was a great singer and a great person.” He also sent his condolences to Julee’s family for their loss.

Rise Of Julee Cruise

Julee Cruise came into this world back in 1956 in the state of Iowa. She was famously known for her epic works with David Lynch and her worldwide hit songs such as ‘Falling’ which were released in 1989 as a part of her album “Floating Into the Night.”

Many of her songs were so liked by actors and movie producers that they were also included in many movies and Television series such as Twin Peaks. She also performed alongside Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern during one of the most awarded theatre production by Lynch named ‘The Dreamself of the Heartbroken.”

In 2004, she also provided vocals along with Pharrell on a new song, “Class System.” Her final song came back in 2011, named “My Secret Life.”

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