Shakira And Gerard Piqué Break Up After Being Together For 11 Years

Hollywood is full of gossip. But nowadays, this entertaining gossip has gotten itself converted into shocking incidents beyond the power of tolerance for any person. In one of the latest kinds of incidents that have been reported forward, it has been brought to the notice that Shakira and her long-term boyfriend Gerard are no longer together. 

The Couple Has Decided To Break up And Part Ways After 11 Years Of Commitment

This means that the couple has decided to break up and part ways after 11 years of commitment. This new has been able to get to the knees of their very fans.

Shakira And Gerard Piqué Break Up After Being Together For 11 Years

They were one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood who never failed to amaze the people with the best kind of couple goals.

Issue Of divorce 

The famous Spanish pop star finally mentioned on her Instagram story that she would seek a divorce from the famous Spanish soccer player. The couple has been facing so many ups and downs together, but according to her is the time when she should realize that things have to be tackled differently. Hence, it would be correct if the couple separated from each other as early as possible. The couple has been blessed with two sons: Milan and Sasha. They both are aged 9 and 7 years old, respectively.

History Of Relation 

In 2010, the famous Barcelona Player Gerard took the courage to reveal information about ladylove. He mentioned that he is in love with the one whose voice is behind the FIFA world cup’s anthem, Waka Waka. The one who had this voice was none other than Shakira. Since then, the couple has been dating each other. 

However, they decided to remain secretive throughout the relationship and preferred not to disclose any information to anyone. They were only spotted together while making appearances on the red carpet. They even stayed away from social media because they did not believe in showing off.  


But despite being so secretive in the relationship and not revealing any information to anyone throughout the relationship, it is really hard to believe that the couple is no longer in a relationship. None of their fans could even, in their wildest dream, imagine that the couple who had recently posted pictures on Instagram regarding the celebration of valentines’ day is all set to get separated from each other over the period. Many people wanted to speculate on the reason why the divorce was happening.


According to some of the sources, it is important to mention that the most important reason for the divorce can be easily attributed to the disloyalty of none other than Gerard. He is expected to have an extra-marital affair with any other woman whose name is not disclosed for the time being.


That is why it would be right to conclude that this is very important and interesting in such a situation. At the same time, if Shakira had decided to divorce her husband, there would be some truth in the entire process. All of this has been able to leave a very important impact in one or the other way.

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