Shauna’s Baby Would Be Finally Revealed In Yellowjackets Season 2, Said The Showrunners!!!

According to the showrunners, the revelation of Shauna’s baby would be shown in the Yellowjackets Season 2. Shauna was pregnant during the 1996 visuals, but unfortunately, no traces of her baby were mentioned in the 2021 part. This built a minor confusion among the audience to which the showrunner ensured that the baby would be unrevealed in the second season of Yellowjackets.

Shauna’s Baby Would Be Finally Revealed

The part 2 shoot is set to be shot by the end of the summer however, the release date is still not confirmed. The plot of the first season covered a bunch of high school soccer partakers wandering in the Canadian outdoors following a plane crash.

Shauna’s Baby Would Be Finally Revealed In Yellowjackets Season 2

The students were lost for 9 months and within that period Shauna confronted the truth that she was pregnant. Though she allegedly tried to self-abort the fetus, she failed and finally decided to keep the baby, whose imprints were not found in the timeline of 2021.

Since this part was not demonstrated, the fans begin to anticipate their own theories about the plot of the kid during these times.

The former expectation of the baby’s whereabouts would definitely be met as the showrunners  Ashley Lyle, Jonathan Lisco and Bart Nickerson clearly replied with a “Yes” when The Variety show host asked if the audience can find out about Shauna’s baby in the upcoming season of Yellowjackets.

The three didn’t disclose further information regarding the baby to make the viewers stay tuned to know exactly what happened in the previous season.

At first, the baby character was introduced to bring a heated relationship between Shauna and Jackie, who is the girlfriend of Shauna’s baby’s father. Unexpectedly, the character Jackie dies towards the end of season 1, which might have decreased the significance of the baby anymore in the show. However, it is now anyway confirmed that Shauna’s baby will be having some kind of a role in season 2, the showrunners must have altered the story plot accordingly.

Yellowjacket has many unavoidable sides of it, which has higher importance when compared to the baby. Thus, it would have been easier for the writers to decide on the closure if the baby part is determined.

The psychological drama had a wonderful casting that include Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis, Ella Purnell, Sophie Thatcher, Sophie Nelisse, Samantha Hanratty, Peter Gadiot, Liv Hewson, Courtney Eaton, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Tawny Cypress and many more.

The Yellowjacket season 2 would be splendid with the screen presence of Kevin Alves, Keeya King, Luciano Leroux, and Steven Kreuger as Travis, Akilah, Javi, and Benscott respectively. The remaining casting is still a mystery.

Even though some people say that Yellowjacket is the drama version of a book, it is partly true and partly not as the show goes on with teens who happened to be lost in a Canadian forest after a plane crash whereas the book covers the story of children who reached the forest after the plane crashes after a bomb.

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