Following The Success Of Kate Bush, Netflix To Release A Live Stranger Thing Theme Music

Following the success of Kate Bush’s music in its previous series, Netflix is reportedly planning to release a live theoretical music performance soon. The music would be themed after Stranger Things, the supernatural thriller series. 

As a result of the song, Running Up That Hill grasping the coveted No.1 position on UK charts, Netflix has decided to release one in the melody of Stranger Things as well. 

After 37 Years Of Its Release ‘Running Up That Hill’ Finally Hit The Top Of The Chart!

By the time the most awaited part of Stranger Things would premiere on Netflix, the No.1 song would have surfed more than 153%.

Not only did the old song gain this popularity because of its appearance on a streaming service like Netflix, but also because of its use in Tiktok.

Ever since the song Running Up That Hill has been featured in the show, things are happening quite well with Kate Bush and her son, Albert.

Following The Success Of Kate Bush, Netflix To Release A Live Stranger Thing Theme Music

On Women’s Hour of BBC Radio 4, Kate Bush shared that recently she has switched to the old-fashioned phone just to escape from emails that disturb her mind while she is out. According to the English singer, she cannot cope with the growing technologies, since it seems uncontrollable to her.

For the 63-year-old pianist, a phone is a distracting tool for a small environment unlike for an open-air stage. Everyone around her already knows that the singer does not carry along a phone whenever she is out. Apart from that, she seeks peace at those times after spending hours and hours on her laptop giving mail responses. 

Kate Bush Seems To Be Happy About Her Song On The Top Chart position

Emma Bernet, the host of the show, asked Kate about her 21-year-old son Albert’s reaction to her song trending among the present generation, to which the mama replied that her son is pretty cool with things like that.

She also added that Bertie is also one of the fans of the show. Not only him, Kate told the host that even her friends all binge-watch the show ever since the release of the first season. 

Even though Kate was expecting some kind of attention for her song, she too is mesmerized by the actual appreciation received by it. The singer did not anticipate such a huge impact would be produced by the song in this very short span of time.

She has remarked on her extreme happiness as the song was used at the time of the characters’ survival which brings positive energy to it.

Today, Kate is the oldest female singer to ever reach the No.1 position on the UK charts, defeating Cher.

Not only in the charts of the UK, Running Up That Hill is also charted at the No.1 position in Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden, and Australia.

Kate Bush seems to be proud of herself since she approached a lot of new audiences, who might have not heard from her before, and yet she brought an irreplaceable spot in their hearts.

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