With A Baby Bump Photo Shoot, Sophie Turner Confirms Her Pregnancy

This week, the world learned that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are expecting their second child. Sophie discovered the first signs of her increasing baby tummy while out for a walk with Joe in Los Angeles in February of 2022. At the time, Sophie was 26 years old and Joe was 32.

Sophie And Joe Decided To Keep Their Pregnancy A Secret

A few weeks later, she was seen swimming with Joe with her stomach exposed to the public when they splashed around in the ocean. To their credit, they kept their pregnancy a closely guarded secret for as long as they could – until lately, that is.

With A Baby Bump Photo Shoot, Sophie Turner Confirms Her Pregnancy

Willa may not be aware of the significance of her expanding baby belly at this point in her pregnancy, according to her. When she refers to a tummy, it’s possible she’s referring to an actual baby. Additionally, Sophie and Joe decided to keep their pregnancy a secret when they found out they were expecting Willa.

“She’s taking her territory,” as the British actress put it. Joe is the happiest father in the world, and he can’t wait to show his friends his new baby girl and spread the love. Thus, they’ve chosen to keep a certain distance from their buddies in order to avoid conflict.

The pair, who already have a 22-month-old daughter named Willa, said they were ‘eager’ to create a family together when they announced their plans to expand their family in July 2020.

It has been a joy to watch my daughter mature into a confident young woman. My life has been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. As a relationship, you don’t want to be a household name. This is completely unacceptable. My toddler and I were very uninterested in participating in this endeavor!

Sophie and Joe looked radiantly pregnant as they walked the Met Gala red carpet on May 1st. Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, wore a stunning gown, and David Beckham, who designed the suit, both wore long tailcoats in white and black. As they posed for pictures on the red carpet, the couple was seen cuddling Sophie’s growing baby bump and gazing lovingly at one another.

The idea of family has made her “a much more emotional person,” she says. As a person’s ability to empathize grows, so does their love and gratitude for their loved ones.

To put it another way: “Being a mother has boosted my performance.” To succeed as an actress, Sophie emphasized the need of bringing her own life experiences into her roles. You must “experience as much of life as possible and incorporate those experiences into your job” if you want to become a genuinely remarkable actress, she says. “This is simply another tiny piece of life that I am able to bring in, and maybe, it helps my performance in some way,” she explains.

Their romance came to light when they were spotted kissing at a Dutch event in 2016. Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid were among his prior flames before he met his current wife.

Later that year, in France, the pair renewed their vows a second time. They reportedly had a plan in place to announce the name of their new baby to the public, according to sources. For them, the most exciting part of naming their baby is waiting until the infant is born, according to a source who spoke to People.


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