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Stephen Colbert Net Worth, Sources Of Income, Bio!

Stephen Tyrone is an American actor, comedian, and host of “The Late Show. As well, he is also a political analyst, producer, and writer.

He is famous for hosting the satirical show The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. From 2005 to 2014, Stephen presided over the program. Furthermore, in September 2015, he became the host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

All You Need To Know About Stephen Colbert Net Worth, Age, Salary!

Stephen’s initial career goal was to become a dramatic actor. But while he was a student at Northwestern University, he developed an appreciation for improvised performance.

Stephen met Del Close, the director of Second City, at the university. Stephen’s first professional gig was filling in for Steve Carell at Second City in Chicago. Actors Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris were among his fellow troupe members there.

All You Need To Know About Stephen Colbert Net Worth, Age, Salary

Stephen co-created the sketch comedy show Exit 57 with those performers. Before working with Sedaris and Dinello again on the cult series Strangers with Candy, he wrote and acted on the short-lived Dana Carvey Show.

As the closeted gay history teacher Chuck Noblet, Stephen’s performance on the latter brought him even more notoriety.

Full NameStephen Tyrone Colbert 
ProfessionComedian, Writer, Producer, Political Commentator, Actor, Television Host
Source Of IncomeActing Career, TV Shows
ResidenceMontclair, Essex County, New Jersey
Date of Birth13 May 1964
Age58 years
Marital StatusMarried
EducationNorthwestern University
ChildrenPeter Colbert, Madeline Colbert, John Colbert
SpouseEvelyn McGee-Colbert (m. 1993)
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Key Facts About Stephen Colbert

  • The Realization of a Fantasized World: The Lake-town spy was identified as Colbert.
  • The need to run away: Colbert’s interest in literature and the fantastical world, especially that of Middle Earth and The Lord of the Rings grew after the passing of his father and brothers.
  • Always Keep in Mind: Colbert and his family lost their parents and two brothers in a plane tragedy on September 11, 1974. Peter and Paul were among the victims. The experience profoundly influenced Colbert and helped mold him into the person he would become.
  • Stay Within the Circle of Relatives: While on an episode of Strangers with Candy, Colbert’s wife played the role of his mother. 
  • Moves Like Jagger: The band Colbert played in was “A Shot in the Dark,” but they were also known as “A Sh*t in the Dark” due to their poor performance of Rolling Stones covers. Colbert sang lead vocals, and “Brown Sugar” was a staple in their set. 
  • Experts Only: Colbert’s appearances in 1999 and 2006 on the famous improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway was the ultimate test of his Second City expertise.
  • First Tier Is Here for You: Similar to many other actors, Colbert got his start in advertising. Like most famous actors’ first ads, the one he did for First Tier Bank can be summed up in a single word: corny.
  • The Early Mornings Came First, Then the Late Nights: While Colbert has become famous for his time as a correspondent on The Daily Show, he first worked as a correspondent for a tamer program. Colbert decided to appear on Good Morning America in a desperate attempt to raise some funds; he filmed two reports, but only one made it to air.
  • Tragedy Enjoys Humor: Although Colbert enjoyed comedy as a child, he never considered making it his profession. He had always planned on being “a serious actor with a beard who wore a lot of blacks and wanted to express his sadness with you,” so acting was always something he’d done. However, he quickly realized his life’s purpose, and we are now.
  • Gamer in Training: Colbert enjoyed comedy as a child and owned several LPs featuring comedians like Bill Cosby, George Carlin, and Dean Martin, among others.

Stephen Colbert Net Worth

Stephen Colbert has hosted the Late Show since 2014 after David Letterman announced his retirement. Colbert is a comedian, celebrity, and political pundit. Colbert is having a net worth of around $75 million in 2022, according to several sources. 

Stephen Colbert Net Worth

As a graduate of Northwestern University, he earned a living reporting on political events and capitalizing on the talk show hosts’ enthusiasm for performance art. With eleven younger siblings, Colbert is the eldest. When he was ten, he lost his father and two brothers in a terrible plane disaster.

Stephen Colbert Houses

• Stephen Colbert House Montclair NJ

Stunning colonial revival home was built in 1885 and situated in a peaceful Montclair, New Jersey, suburb. Colbert has done a fantastic job of keeping the specifics of the house’s interior a secret. 

But the two-story home has 6,372 square feet of living area and is situated on 0.98 acres. According to public records, the property changed hands in 2007 for $1.7 million. Colbert had owned another Montclair property, which he sold for $950,000 in 2008.

• Stephen Colbert House Charleston

The Charleston, South Carolina, residence of Stephen Colbert has been shrouded in mystery, much like his Montclair abode, until recently.

This South Carolina Island is a tropical haven with palms and a short stroll to the sand. Additionally, there is plenty of room for the Colbert family and their guests thanks to the home’s six bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

If the deed is to be believed, the pair dropped a giant penny on the property, shelling out an excellent $5 to purchase it. According to all available records, the total cost was a mere five dollars. The single-car garage and screened-in porch are the home’s more notable features.

Stephen Colbert Car Collection

Following are the cars which Stephen owns:

• Tesla Model S

• Tesla Model Y

• Mercedes Benz C class

Stephen Colbert Charity Works

Stephen Colbert Charity Works
  • Rarely do we see a public figure with as much charisma and wit as Stephen Colbert. Despite being well-known for his satirical on-air persona on The Colbert Report—a character whose political orientation may be described as bigoted and small-minded to the point of absurdity—Colbert is, in reality, a very generous philanthropist who has given a lot of money to good causes.
  • In the past, Colbert has hosted high-profile charity events for Amnesty International, a group that fights for human rights on a global scale. Colbert has also given to Autism Speaks, a group that works to develop effective treatments and ultimately a cure for autism through funding research.
  • Colbert has, in the past, used his show as a means of raising money for various causes. For instance, he once arranged a deal with Microsoft in which the company agreed to donate $2,500 to his BP oil spill relief fund (ironically named the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund) for every time he said “Bing” on air; he ended up saying it 40 times.
  • Colbert once utilized eBay to raise money for charity by selling a portrait that had been used on the Colbert Report. The prop consisted of a picture of the celebrity next to another self-portrait, creating a recursive image.
  • He has a significant impact on mainstream culture. He’s not only a household name because of his time on TV; he’s also made a name for himself in the digital sphere. According to Viralheat, a business that tracks the buzz on social media, Colbert has a large following across all demographics of viewers (see the Colbert Bump).

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Stephen Colbert Salary

For the first three years of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert earned an average of around $6 million per year.

With a salary increase and a new contract in 2019, he will remain on CBS until 2023. These days, he earns nearly $15 million a year.

Quotes By Stephen Colbert

Stephen’s quote is, “If you’re going to die, you might as well attack life”.

Colbert, Stephen is an American comedian, screenwriter, producer, actor, and TV host in Washington, DC. Both “The Late Show featuring Stephen Colbert” on CBS and “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central aired throughout Colbert’s tenure as host from 2005 to 2014.

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