Are Stranger Things Stars Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer Married?

It’s true — Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are our number one couple to rise out of the Upside Down. Subsequent to meeting on the arrangement of Stranger Things, where they play the impressive beau sweetheart couple of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, the pair before long fostered a sentiment, all things considered.

Stars Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer’s Relationship

Bits of gossip about Dyer and Heaton’s sentiment initially started toward the beginning of September. Somewhat more than a year after the fact, they affirmed their sentiment with a straightforward demonstration of PDA. Presently, the couple is flaunting their sentiment all the more routinely on red floor coverings and Instagram. In front of the fourth time of Stranger Things, here’s a conclusive course of events of Dyer and Heaton’s relationship.

Are Stranger Things Stars Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer Married

Heaton went on an outing to the island of Menorca, which sits off the bank of Spain. He hit up the island with Dyer, alongside two of his different companions. At the point when Natalia Dyer posted an image of Heaton to her Instagram account, fans began to keep thinking about whether there was something else entirely to their relationship that met the eye. For Halloween, Heaton, Dyer, and two different companions choose to take on the appearance of the four fundamental characters from The Wizard of Oz. Heaton spruced up as the Scarecrow, while Dyer dressed as the Cowardly Lion. In the wake of going to the 74th Golden Globe Awards together, where Stranger Things was named for best TV series show, the two were seen leaving Los Angeles International air terminal with one another.

As of now, we don’t have affirmation that Dyer and Heaton are hitched. Yet, here’s the reason individuals imagine that. While advancing Stranger Things season 4, a small bunch of the cast individuals got to play with little dogs for a meeting with BuzzFeed. They offered truly perfect and fun responses and the video is simply lovable, so we’d suggest any fan watch it! The finish of the meeting, nonetheless, is where watchers began to cause a commotion.

Heaton specifies needing to take on one of the pups however that he has a flight just later so he proved unable, to which one of the BuzzFeed workers lets him know he can fly with a canine. Apparently not knowing how to express no to such adorableness, Heaton says he’d “need to converse with the spouse. Right now, we will expect that Heaton and Dyer are not hitched however maybe they just utilize adorable monikers. The way that Heaton says “the spouse” and not “my better half” makes them believe it’s simply something worth talking about to express as opposed to something strict. Everything unquestionably revolves around semantics!

As fanatics of the couple know, they are private with their relationship and don’t frequently discuss each other. Their Instagram takes care of do include photographs together, however, they don’t post much of the time. In a meeting with the Cosmopolitan UK, Dyer offered a couple of uncommon remarks about their relationship, noticing that she doesn’t comprehend the fixation fans have with their relationship.

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