Washoe County Offers Legal Aid To Harassed County Employees, Details Explored!

As tempers may deteriorate during hostile confrontations over election procedures and other disagreements, Washoe County has established a legal help fund to protect the county’s employees who are subject to any unfair attack or harassment in public. By the end of this week, both personal and legal services will be authorized and made immediately available to county employees, who will be able to fully take use of the advantages. However, elected officials are exempt from this.

Legal Aid To Harassed County Employee

Eric Brown, county manager, is quite happy to discuss the brand-new legal assistance for employees. He claimed that in order to ensure that the employees’ rights were properly upheld, they were making every effort to provide them with extremely valuable legal assistance. Legal authorities have consistently stood up for their local employees by offering protection that gives them confidence in each action they take.

Washoe County Offers Legal Aid To Harassed County Employees, Details Explored!

The county commission decided on Tuesday, by a vote of 3-1, to come up with a total of up to $150,000 every fiscal year to spend on such initiatives. The overall fund for the employees—not just each person who can withdraw money from it—is $150,000. Special authorization from the approved commission would be required immediately if the expenditure appeared to exceed the whole sum.

According to Eric Brown, the county should be treated as an employer, and if so, it has a duty to provide enough protection and assistance to its workers.

Eric had experienced a lot of painful circumstances where the company’s employees had been subjected to grave threats of death and even false and nasty accusations against them. Some of the cases were extremely painful, causing their families much suffering.

Based on the permission of the authorized commissioners, workers who have endured any unjust public criticism, harassment, or even downgrading by members of political or public organizations will receive support.

The qualified persons’ ability to advance in their careers in government service may be affected by any hostile threats, remarks, false allegations, and more.

The opposition from the public to the legal assistance fund was not very strong; the majority of them referred to the concept as a worse and slush money.

However, the majority of the opposing viewpoints demonstrate strong support, and they even commend the initiative taken to present such a beneficial suggestion for the county employees.

Kenji Otto, a candidate for county clerk in the Republican primary, expressed her opposition to the idea that the county should cover any additional legal costs incurred by harassed individuals.

According to the proposal authorised by the commission, the Washoe County Manager will decide who qualifies for assistance based on the specifics of each situation.

The proposal’s main goal is to fully protect employees against insults, harassment, and other forms of abuse that may occur at work or elsewhere.

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