Brian Laundrie’s Confession Note Revealed!! He Admits killing Gabby Petito

When Brian Laundrie’s family counsel released eight pages of his notebook to the media, he was convicted of murdering his fiancée Gabby Petito.

Families and friends of the former couple were left reeling last summer when Brian vanished, leading them to develop serious doubts about the Fiance’s whereabouts. He had been shot in the head and was discovered dead.

After The Autopsy, The Cause Of Death Of Brian Laundrie Revealed

Brian asked for an apology from his girlfriend‘s family in a notebook found beside his remains, and he also wrote that he killed her to relieve her of the misery she was already experiencing.

He explained that he did the crime only out of compassion for her and that his only goal in doing so was to alleviate her suffering.

Brian was startled and terrified when he learned of her death since he knew he would be unable to live without her.

Brian Laundrie's Confession Note Revealed!! He Admits killing Gabby Petito

The death of Petito and her partner Laundrie was determined to be the consequence of a murder-suicide by strangling. The journey was supposed to run for around four months, but it was cut short.

During the search for the late couple’s personal items, the FBI discovered notes in which Laundrie explicitly confessed to the murder of Petito.

Steven Bertolino, the Laundrie family’s lawyer, provided access to the documents after they were obtained from him. While the FBI returned Laundry’s items, the attorney revealed the reality of Gabby’s death to the general public by revealing the pages found in disorder.

Laundrie Confession Note Bring The Truth Behind Their Death

Furthermore, Bertolino made public the page on which Laundrie wrote a suicide note in which he stated that he intended to take his own life because he didn’t want his spirit to be torn apart by the reactions of the public. When Gubby’s murderer was finally found and killed, not only did his family experience a sense of relief but so did Gubby’s friends and family.

As a last touch, he wrote a paragraph in which he begged Gabby to despise anyone who refused to accept all of his possessions since he knew she would.

It’s been reported that a Florida man, 23, took his own life when he realized he’d just lost his 22-year-old boyfriend.

After Gabby Petito went missing on September 11, 2011, Laundrie wrote text messages in her name to sabotage the inquiry of her family.

At 23, he had recognized that his actions as a murderer and his passion for his victim could lead him to face the consequences of his actions.

The body of Brian Laundrie was discovered in the Wyoming woods on September 18.

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