Weak Hero Chapter 183 Release Date!! Gray Beats The Bullies!

Weak Hero Chapter 183: Gray Beats The Bullies! will soon come on the Webtoon screen. It is an original Webtoon series that you can catch on every Thursday. The first Webtoon in the Korean language is Weak Hero. Navar launched it to present the amazing action sequences from the pages of the comics to the audience.

Gray Beats The Bullies! Weak Hero Chapter 183 Release Date

The viewers witnessed in the previous season the unfortunate condition of the boy who harassed Gale. Therefore, the plot revolves around the role of tyrants bullying several students of the school.

Weak Hero Chapter 183 Release Date Revealed

Gray Yeon is the superhero who will bring new lives to all the poor victims of this bullying. All the fans waited patiently to watch Gray beat these cruel boys and punish them appropriately. Finally, the makers will come up with the new Chapter 183.

Weak Hero Drama Chapter 183 Arrives With New Plots

When in Chapter 182, the audience saw Gray not beating the cruel boy, they were a little upset for some time. Moreover, the chapter ended with an invitation to Gray to reach the rooftop from this boy. But is there any hidden intention of the boy to make Gray fall into a trap?

What actually happened when the seniors found this boy? What is their plan? The new chapter will try to give answers to all these probable questions that snatched the sleep of most of the viewers after watching the last episode.

The next chapter will start with the usual routine in the school. The senior bully successfully beat the young one when he wanted to beat Gale. But on the other hand, Gale is also ready for a fight with the support of his bullies. Now, it will be highly interesting to watch the energetic sequence. Then, of course, Gray will accept the invitation from the bully and reach the rooftop.

Moreover, he is also ready to play one game of Billiards with the other party. Will Gray manage to save himself and other innocent pals? What incident is waiting after this? You will thus be mesmerized while watching another eventful sequence in the school.

Weak Hero Cast And New Storyline

Chapter 183 will ensure that the high school tussle takes a new turn with the presence of Gray in the plot. In his absence, Gale was at high risk. However, now, things can turn as Gray is all set to take new actions for all the unfavorable activities of the bullies.

Gray always thinks about the future and does not consider the petty brawls happening now and then. He is up to a certain plan that no one knows. Hence, for the audience, the upcoming plot is going to be very exciting indeed.

The new Chapter of Weak Hero will be released on 13th April 2022. This time, the unlucky thirteen will be a lucky date for the fans of this Manga series.

You can also read the comics online on Webtoon. Furthermore, the previous chapters are available only on the official pages. The pages Kakaopage and Naver also display the story of such an action-packed Manga series.


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