Zachary Levi Shares How ‘Radical Love’ Helped Him During Tough Times

The famous American actor Zachary Levi, renowned for his role in DC Universe’s ‘Shazam!’ movie, remarked during an interview about how he recovered from his complete mental breakdown and how ‘radical love’ helped him during those tough times.

Zachary Levi Shares How ‘Radical Love’ Helped Him During Tough Times

During an interview about releasing Levi’s new book,’ Radical Love’, he commented on his mental status right before being selected for the movie’s [Shazam!] leading role.

He mentioned that, during his childhood, he had suffered immense trauma at the hand of his parents, especially his mother. 

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He further mentioned that the three main things that ultimately helped him recover from sudden mental breakdowns and live peacefully are self-care, intense therapy sessions, and radical acceptance of himself.

What Did Zachary Levi Mention About His Book?

Following the release of his new book ‘Radical Love’, he is seen giving many interviews about the thought process behind writing the book.

The 41 years old Hollywood actor opened up about his personal life and how he struggled with various psychological disorders all his life while talking about the book.

He mentions that his mother was also a sufferer like him and suffered from borderline personality disorder and various narcissistic tendencies.

As a result of this, his mother also treated him similarly. As a result of this, Levi had gotten abused during his childhood.

However, unlike his mother, he is very empathetic towards her. He always tries to protect her image among the general public.

His mother finally passed away in 2015, and as per reports, she was still suffering from the disorders at the time of her passing.

He also mentioned this in his book and talked about the importance of showing empathy to people.

He also commented on how he wrote the book; he remarked that before jotting down any information, he asked himself two questions, including whether the information was authentic and whether it was necessary.

How Did Zachary Levi Manage To Live Everyday Life?

After his severe mental breakdown, right before getting his role as the lead actor in a DC movie, he underwent intensive therapy sessions, which finally enabled him to recover.

He also mentioned his self-care techniques which include the idea of radical love, where one completely accepts themself along with all their flaws.

He also talks about many of the positive personalities who had managed to keep Levi happy even during the tough times. 

He mentions Beth in his book, an employee at a mental health facility in Connecticut where he used to go to therapy.

According to reports, Zachary Levi is living a healthy and positive life. His current goal is to spread awareness about mental disorders and encourage the idea of ‘radical love’ in people’s lives.

He wants to see people doing their very best with the help of all the tools which they have available in life.

Who Is Zachary Levi?

Zachary Levi came into this world in September of 1980 in his hometown of Lake Charles in Louisiana, USA.

He is famous for working with DC productions on their movie ‘Shazam!.’ He also played many vital roles in much American Television series.

Levi is also an avid singer and often referred to as ‘TV’s Sexiest Man’ by celebrity reports due to his solid and masculine body features.

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