Antonio Brown & Keyshia Cole’s Collab “Don’t Leave” Going To Be Released Soon!!

The famous personalities Antonio Brown and Keyshia Cole have been dropping hints about something expected to get released anytime soon. It was recently when they took into Instagram to post a video in which they expressed an intention to collaborate on a music album anytime soon.

Keyshia Cole And Antonio Brown Take A Look At The Visual For The “Don’t Leave” Collaboration

The news is very exciting, especially in light of the changing dynamics of their relationship over the last quarter. Both of them got themselves engaged in a cold war. This cold war was executed through Instagram posts and continuous tweets and re-tweets on Twitter.

Antonio Brown & Keyshia Cole's Collab Don't Leave Going To Be Released

But the recent post that featured accounts of both: Brown and Cole revealed some support of relief to the fans who were able to predict that the duo is expected to come together for a new project anytime soon. The title of the music album over which the duo is likely to collaborate is none other than “Don’t Leave”.

This will be the first of its kind album wherein the two personalities from the sports, and the entertainment industry would be knocking horns. That is why the fans are getting crazy ever since the news of the collaboration has spread like forest fires. 

Facts about collaboration 

While Cole was depicted that she is currently shooting for another finale video, it is expected that she will be resuming the shoot with Brown anytime soon. It is expected that the album will be released in December.

However, some of the crew members were able to leak insider news that the album’s plot, storyline, and other tangents had already been decided. What is left is only the execution which is expected to begin very soon once the existing commitments of both the stars are fulfilled to the core. 

The reaction of the fans 

Since the fans were getting desperate over this collaboration, they demanded at least a kind of teaser or a trailer. On the huge demand, the production team approved the launch of a snippet. The stars have actively shared this snippet on their respective Instagram handles.

The snippet went viral in less than 24 hours and has been viewed by over 15 million followers in less than 15 hours. This is a huge achievement for the upcoming album that is expected to get released soon, this year.

Review of snippet

The snippet was a perfect combination of romance, drama, and suspense. It has left a huge impact on the mind of the fans. After watching the snippets, they have begun speculating out the theme of the music album that is expected to come up soon.

This is creating very positive publicity for the whole event. This is the best type of experience that most people require for the time being. This is expected that the latest music album featuring the best of the talent would be the best in almost every regard. 


The crew and the cast members are very happy and delighted over the overwhelming response that they would be able to achieve over the period. This is going to help in obtaining a positive commentary and hence would go in the long run to motivate a lot of people there in the first place. 


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