How Many Kids Did Aretha Franklin Have? Bio, Networth, Movie, Songs, Childhood, Death Cause

Aretha Franklin was an iconic singer of America and bore prominence as a pianist. She has the record-breaking sales of albums that gave her the title of the best-selling music artist in the world of all time. The sales crossed even 75 million, which was a milestone in her life.

Aretha Franklin Bio, Networth, Movie, Childhood, Death Cause

Furthermore, Franklin also managed to be on the top list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, published by Rolling Stone, with the ninth position. Unfortunately, however, we lost this great artist on 16th August 2018.

Aretha Franklin Bio, Networth, Movie, Songs, Childhood, Death Cause

Aretha left behind the musical legacy with her four children. Her sons Edward, Kecalf, Clarence, and Teddy took an interest in music from their childhood. As a result, they carry forward the legacy with all the best performances and contribute hugely to world music.

About Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin pursued a musical career by singing Gospels in the early days. Moreover, she recorded more than 112 singles which formed a part of the Us Billboard Charts.

Being one of the top-class singers of all time, she never missed any chance to prove her outstanding skills. Therefore, it is brilliant to see her sons come forward in the same industry after the death of this incredible artist.

Quick Facts About Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin‘s name is now coming up again with several glorious projects in her life. Presently, Genius: Aretha is streaming on a highly popular OTT platform called Hulu. Moreover, a biopic on Franklin’s life by Jennifer Hudson was released on the 13th of August to make the world know about this legendary figure.

The series on Aretha is an inspiration for many. It is about how an artist faced loads of challenges in those past times and finally achieved the goal.

Aretha Franklin Family

It is a bit weird to learn that Aretha gave birth to her first son at the mere age of 12 years only. It was an unplanned pregnancy, and she was still studying in school. However, Aretha’s family supported her a lot in those tough times.

Therefore, she managed to rejoin school after becoming her mother of Clarence. As per the rumors, the father of this child was Donald Burk. Her older sister Erma clarified the fact and revealed that she was a brilliant child during her school days.

Net Worth and Career

Around $80 Million was the Net Worth of this remarkable singing sensation. In 1985, her voice received the title of Michigan natural resource. Later on, in 1987, the name of Franklin in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame proved how outstanding their personality was. She was the first lady to achieve such an honor.

Aretha Franklin’s Husband/Boyfriend And Children

Apart from Burk, the name Edward Jordan Sr. also came into the picture. Finally, from the documents found after her death in 2018, it was proved that the father of her first son was Edward and not Burk. But she did not write any will before dying.

How did Aretha Franklin Die?

The death of Franklin was a natural one in 2018. She had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for several years. Finally, she died out of the malignant neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas in her home only. At her death, the whole industry broke down, including the then-President Barack Obama. They paid tributes to this legendary artist.


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