Ellen Rucker Net Worth, Age, Height, Husband, Career, Family, Sisters, Wiki, And Everything You Need To Know!!

Ellen Rucker is a famous Chiropractor and has a reputation worldwide. She seriously took up this field of medicine as a profession after passing the University. Furthermore, after practicing for eleven long years, she decided to start her own venture.

Ellen Rucker Seller The Chiropractor, Biography

However, Ellen Rucker is not known for her role as a Chiropractor only. Besides, she also worked in Television and marked her fame by dubbing a popular series.

Ellen Rucker Net Worth, Age, Height, Husband, Career, Family, Sisters, Wiki

It was a series called Love Thy Sister, which used to come on an American TV channel in 2015. To know about all the information about her lavish lifestyle, go through this article.

Ellen Rucker, Wife Of Vince Carter

Today, people can get unique products from Rucker’s store to solve various health problems. So, she is running her business greatly, and the customers are getting immense benefits after consulting her. Moreover, Rucker is also famous for being the wife of the renowned NBA star Vince Carter.

Ellen Rucker Age

Ellen Rucker belongs to South Carolina, USA. She came to this earth in 1977. However, her birthdate is not available. The professional Chiropractor of America began the practice in this particular field of medicine from a very early age.

Now, she owns a business and sells products under her own banner. It is a product for hair care. Several chemists and lawyers work in her team to improve the product and make it unique.

Ellen Rucker Height

The 44-year-old Chiropractor is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Moreover, she weighs about 50 Kg now. Other body measurements are not available. However, studies are going on to know her undisclosed information. It will be updated soon. She is a beautiful maiden with brown eyes and black hair.

How Much Does She Earn?

The entrepreneur is popular for earning handsome amounts from multiple sources. However, the correct figure for annual income is not yet known.

Ellen Rucker’s Date Of Birth

Ellen Rucker is of African-American ethnicity. She was born in 1977 to Douglas and Ruby Rucker. The birthplace of this Chiropractor is Lancaster, South Carolina. However, she never mentioned her date of birth in public.

The professional personality began her career after passing from the University of North Carolina with a medical degree. She got the inspiration to become a doctor from her father, Douglas, who was a doctor. Ellen has seven siblings, out of which only three are famous.

Ellen Rucker And Carter Bakari Sellers

Ellen Rucker got famous overnight for marrying Vincent Carter, the renowned NBA superstar in 2004. However, the couple parted ways in 2006. After that, she married one of the highly powerful and well-known political commentators and attorneys in America named Bakari Sellers.

Ellen Rucker Sellers Twins

Bakari is her present husband. Rucker is also the proud mother of three children. One daughter from Vincent and twins (daughters) from Bakari.

Net Worth And Career

The estimated Net Worth of Ellen Rucker is $800 thousand. Her career includes the business of hair care products, a professional Chiropractor, and also showing some skills as a talented actress.

She started the practice of Chiropractic medicine after leaving University and continued it for 11 long years. Finally, she started a venture of her own with specific medicinal products.

Ellen Rucker Sellers Instagram

Ellen Rucker is now active on Instagram and keeps on posting various pictures on her account. Currently, the number of followers is more than 25.8K.


Ellen Rucker is an outstanding medical professional dealing with Chiropractic medicines and hair care products. All her products are from natural resources and thus truly helpful for the users.


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