Bette Midler Says Her Tweet Didn’t Intend To Be’Transphobic’

When Bette Midler tweeted about transgender people on Monday, the public interpreted her comment as anti-transgender.

In a recent tweet, the revered actress attacked all women and their rights to choose their own bodies and lives, tearing them apart and seizing every last moment of freedom. Her remark, which contained anti-trans sentiment, sparked the uproar when she declared that only beings with “Vaginas” are deemed to be “Menstruators.”

Bette Midler Says Her Tweet Didn’t Intend To Be’Transphobic’

Medler’s material has received varied responses, with some followers believing she was simply reacting to the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, while others believe she purposely tweeted about being transphobic.

Bette Midler Says Her Tweet Didn't Intend To Be'Transphobic'

The Rose actress sent out a series of tweets on Tuesday in an attempt to determine the meaning of her earlier tweet from the day before. Medler did a good job of clarifying the misconception she had created by noting that her original tweet was not anti-trans, but rather a protest against the US government’s decision to restrict abortions.

Swingin’ & Swayin’ Bugle Despite the criticisms, the boy singer dropped the right reaction to the critics, stating that she had no intention of harming the LGBTQIA community. In response to a question about her tweet, she stated that it had nothing to do with transphobia.

Her rage stemmed from the fact that women in this country are held to a lower standard than men, and they are unable to speak out for themselves or do anything with their bodies.

Many celebrities used television and social media to express their views on the hotly debated subject, and their tone was decidedly unfavorable. Medler, likewise, was expressing her opposition to the choice to marginalize her.

A day later, though, the Kennedy Center Honor-winning actor was able to clear the air by objectifying the genuine target and interpreting herself in her own words.

To make amends for her unintentional error, she also tweeted a series of messages encouraging her detractors to express their own feelings of annoyance and displeasure. A single tweet might sever all of her love and support for the underprivileged, the actor explained, so she was really concerned about the impact of this one tweet on her journey thus far.

Furthermore, the 76-year-old comic drew the attention of many by focusing on the decline of democracy, which will eventually lead to the collapse of the United States.

Rather than questioning her fans about their support for her, she referred them to the past, where Medler was the first to speak out in support of the 1973 law, tweeting that the government will next overrule Lawrence v. Texas and Obergefell v. Hodge, which deal with homosexual relationships and homosexual marriage, respectively.

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