Blac Chyna Appears At 2022 BET Awards In Plunging Gold Outfit

When Blac Chyna attended the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday night, she was photographed with a gold-colored ensemble and a radiant smile.

The fashionista stood distinct from all other ladies who attended the celebration yesterday night with her plunging gold dress on the red carpet.

Blac Chyna Hit The Red Carpet Of 2022 BET Awards In Plunging Gold Dress

Blac Chyna donned a thick embellished sleeveless dress with an exaggerated V neck that lasted to her waist, displaying the cleavage. With an unusual cut from her waist to the floor, the clothing also made her left leg extremely apparent. The slit was sufficient enough to exhibit the tattoo on her left foot and also the set of tattoos on her abdomen.

The weighty and magnificent earrings and massive metal bracelets have their own special part in increasing the overall gram she brought to the night.

She wore a golden gown that swayed in the wind, and her blonde hair was loose and cascading down her back.

The 34-year-old actress appears like she has been taken out of Euphoria, es[ecially her eye makeup.

Blac Chyna Appears At 2022 BET Awards In Plunging Gold Outfit

The media star was pictured attending the awards shortly after a week of her split from her former spouse, Rob Arthur Kardashian.

The relationship has garnered tremendous prominence recently with her abusing Rob by beating him with a phone line. Miss White has reportedly brandished a gun on the Kardashian who then afterward uploaded many images of the American model’s genitals and other private areas to simply shame the actress in public.

Blac Chyna had already launched a lawsuit against Kardashian in 2017 that has apparently been halted by the pair recently.

The ex-couple were formally dating since 2016 and they immediately adopted a 5-year-old kid, Dream. Yet, their paths diverted quickly after a month.

Following remarks he posted on his social media accounts about the physical abuse he endured while dating Chyna, Rob posted a few personal photos of the socialite.

Rob’s ex-girlfriend, Chyna, has also claimed that Rob physically molested her and launched a lawsuit against him.

Rob later refuted the accusation, and the matter went back and forth for years. Finally, their trial date was set for June 20.

When Lynne Ciani, the lawyer for Blac Chyna, spoke out recently, she said that the media personality has harmed the actress’s career, and it’s time to bring him before the courts.

It was only when the ex-couple settled their differences outside of the courtroom that all of their efforts were in vain.

Artists took use of the BET Awards‘ auspicious setting to express their actual feelings on the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade on Sunday night.

Doja Cat, the female celebrity with the most nominations, stole the evening, but there were many deserving nominees.

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