Christian Pulisic’s Offer For Juventus Seems Too Expensive!

According to reports from the famous soccer player Christian Pulisic himself, he is expected to be listening to offers for him and his best teammates, including Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner. It is also evident that the Italians are very much interested in getting the American soccer player along with his teammates. They are also seen offering the blues in a deal for Matthijs de Light.

Christian Pulisic’s Offer For Juventus As The Deem Swap Is Too Expensive

Juventus has also said they are very much open to making Pulisic for their team for the summer. As per reports, negotiations have also begun between them and Chelsea regarding the swap deal of Pulisic. 

Now, as it seems, it is up to both the teams to confirm if Pulistic will be used for deals for DeLight.

Christian Pulisic’s Offer For Juventus Seems Too Expensive!

As per reports, Pulistic will not return to Dortmund as the german team claimed that his transfer fees and overall salary are pretty high for the team to afford.

But, under any circumstances, he will not return to Bundesliga. Although, it is reasonably expected that he might take the exit door this summer.

What Are The Actions Of Thomas Tuchel?

On the other side, Thomas Tuchel has set to make his move to Stamford Bridge. As a result, he has already rejected offers from both Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

Reports also suggest that a deal is awaiting for signing-in Sterling from Manchester City. It is offered to Chelsea, who still have not responded with any final call. 

Tuchel also previously admitted that in his current team, some changes are necessary regarding their attack strategy. In the previous season, they were under-performing and struggled to get goals.

In an interview, he also gave a brief statement regarding this topic. He commented that his team is underperforming in getting goals. 

He said he needs to have multiple figures in scoring and assist in getting anywhere near the top two competing teams.

Who Is Christian Pulisic?

Christian Pulisic is a well-known and respected soccer player, playing as a winger for the Premier League side Chelsea.

He first made his name in the soccer world back in 2016. He also once played as an attacking midfielder for the US national football team.

Christian Pulisic came into this world in September of 1998 and is currently twenty-four years of age.

He has a total net worth of about fifteen million dollars, mainly from his matches. However, he is said to be quite expensive in terms of salary and other requirements. As a result, recently, he is not going to return to Dortmund, where he initially made a name for himself.

Interesting Facts About Pulisic

Pulisic became a German media sensation among soccer players for his epic gameplay in 2016.

He was later bought by Chelsea itself with seventy-three million dollars for the match of 2019-20.

Along with becoming a famous soccer player in Germany, he also created a name for himself by playing for the US national soccer team as an excellent midfielder in 2016.

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