Cursing Garcelle Beauvais’ Son, Erika Girard Learned A Lesson

Lesson Learned From Cursing

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Girardi, as Erika Jayne, finds herself in an awkward position with Garcelle Beauvais’s boys at an audition.

By getting involved in matters that should not have worried her at all, the Roller Coaster singer was causing herself unnecessary stress.

Lesson Learned From Cursing

During Jamie Foxx’s 55th birthday bash, Garcelle Beauvais’ older son Oliver Saunders, 31, was physically abused by the 50-year-old singer.

Cursing Garcelle Beauvais' Son, Erika Girard Learned A Lesson

Garcelle, Oliver’s mother, stepped in to stop Erika from hitting him when things got out of hand. Oliver is married with four children.

Butt Oliver and Erika in front of the world so that the singer could quit and the family could return home joyfully. Additional to this, Erika stated that Oliver practically silenced her when he sarcastically described Erika’s visit with him as pleasant.

Jax Joseph Nilon, the Real co-younger host’s son, was also at the party when the XXPEN$IVE musician began to verbally abuse him.

Erika’s 14-year-old brother Jax was walking with Erika and collecting flowers for the centerpiece when he was verbally abused by Garcelle’s other identical brother Jax, 14.

Listening to the Prescription of Death, he shook his voice as he recounted the story to his mother, who was in the audience.

A young boy came to pick up a table centerpiece and Erika began to grill him about what he was doing there. As soon as he gently replied, she launched into a tirade of expletives, requesting that he vacate the premises.

Lesson Learned From Cursing

After the youngster ran to his mother, Garcelle approached Erika calmly and told her that Erika’s treatment of the young boy was not acceptable.

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Her companion Sheree Zampino, who was at the party, overheard Garcelle tell Sheree how strange Erika had been acting and revealed that Erika had developed feelings for her older son.

But in order to avoid stoking the flames, she did not tell Erika about any of this at the moment, as the tv host had stated that she would only open up to Erika at the correct time.

In response, the group of pals raised their glasses and cheered enthusiastically.

While the setting was set up by Erika, the singer says she is nervous and uncomfortable encountering Garcelle at the gathering because she has upset her.

Garcelle smiled and said she would just drink one glass, a reference to the earlier situation that Erika had caused after drinking.

Her mental health suffered as a direct result of combining her medication with alcohol during the 12th season of the show. When Pretty Mess drinks, she actually becomes worse.

Garcelle eventually agreed with Erika, when she revealed that she had learned the lesson, and the NYPD Blue star took to her confession that a person’s actual self reflects when they are intoxicated, comparing it to, of cour

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