Jimmy Kimmel’s E Celebrity!’s Game Face Will Make You LOL

On the June 28 episode of E Celebrity!’s Game Face, Jimmy Kimmel and his dependable Guillermo Rodriguez partner are bringing the laughs, and we have an exclusive first peek at their hilarious appearance. Read the complete article to know what we meant when we said hilarious experience.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Celeb Game Face Appearance Will Make You LOL

The dynamic duo is getting ready to play the game “Chubby Bunny,” in which Jimmy must correctly pick lyrics to ’80s songs with a “twist” while Guillermo must load his mouth with enormous marshmallows. Jimmy says, “This is kind of just up my alley.” Guillermo is already taking the test in stride by devouring marshmallows. Guillermo is told by host Kevin Hart to quit munching the marshmallows.

Jimmy Kimmel's E Celebrity!'s Game Face Will Make You LOL

Jimmy correctly guesses “Total Eclipse of the Fart” (a parody of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”) once the timer starts, but then he struggles and skips the second song. Then Jimmy receives “Every Rose Has Its Corn,” which is a cover of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “Another One Bites the Crust,” which is a cover of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” and “Every Little Thing She Does Is Tragic,” which is a cover of The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.”

Four rights for 20 points, Kevin says. That round was very hard for Jimmy and G-Money. Jimmy laughs and questions, How did they manage to do anything right? And he says he has absolutely no idea how that occurred. Jimmy made a joke about how Guillermo spitting out his used marshmallows is similar to the end of the Ghostbusters.

Here’s an introduction to Jimmy Kimmel and his show, Jimmy Kimmel is the creator and host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, an American late-night talk program that airs on ABC. As part of ABC’s lead-out programming for Super Bowl XXXVII, the nightly hour-long program made its debut on January 26, 2003, and on December 15, 2022, in the Hollywood Masonic Temple in Hollywood, California. Kimmelot produces Jimmy Kimmel Live! in collaboration with ABC Signature.

Kimmel was reared in Las Vegas, where he spent his formative years developing a love of tricks and practical jokes that would later serve as an unusual foundation for his antics on television. While still in high school, Kimmel started presenting an interview program on a nearby college radio station, drawing inspiration from his idol, David Letterman.

Before departing to host The Me and Him Show, a morning radio program in Seattle, he briefly attended college at Arizona State University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It was the first of several radio positions he would lose over the following years, a fate he ascribed to his persistent office jokes.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Made its debut in 2003 when Kimmel was chosen as the host of the ABC Television network’s 12:05 am time slot over a number of other well-known candidates. As Kimmel struggled to shake off the frat-boy reputation he had built as the host of The Man Show, the show took a while to catch on, initially suffering from low ratings and trouble drawing guests, but is now one of the most-loved shows.

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