Jack Is Back! Johnny Depp To Return In ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ After Disney Offer $300m

Disney has offered Johnny Depp a new, extremely lucrative contract that he simply cannot refuse!

Disney is doing everything it can to secure the services of Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp is required by Disney to star in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film, which will result in a $301 million Disney Plus spinoff series.

Johnny previously left the franchise late in 2018, and he stated in a recent interview that he is not interested in returning or returning to this track at any point in the future.

Disney Incredible Offer To Johnny Depp To Come Back As Captain Jack

A new claim indicates that Disney is desperate for the actor and is willing to make an incredible offer if he returns to reprise the classic part that was so well received by the general public. Not only do they need Johnny to reprise his part in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film, but they also need him to appear in the Disney Plus spin-off series, which is well exploring the character’s past.

A $301 million contract is now easily be worked out by the firm to express their sincere apologies to the great artist and to politely beg that he repeat his hugely successful Captain Jack Sparrow role from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The deal’s $301 million price tag isn’t just a random number that should be ignored. After saying he wouldn’t do another pirate of the Caribbean even for $300 million, Johnny is now being offered a $301 contract.

Jack Is Back! Johnny Depp To Return In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' After Disney Offer $300m

Using their $301, Disney hopes that a one-up will entice back Johnny for the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie

As Captain Jack Sparrow in all five Pirates of the Caribbean films, Johnny Depp gave his all.
As of now, the Disney company is highly interested in repairing its relationship with Johnny.

Before discussing the $301 million deal with Johnny, Disney inquired if he’d be interested in returning to reprise his beloved role in another pirate of the Caribbean film. Before this conversation, they sent him a gift box and a note of apologies.

It appears that Disney has already begun planning a picture about Captain Jack Sparrow, and the production team is certain that Jonny Depp will accept their forgiveness and agree to reprise his role as the pirate.

In a $301 million contract, Disney will make a significant donation to a charity of Johnny’s choice.

As it stands, Johnny Depp fans will have to wait at least another year to see their favorite pirate captain Jack Sparrow back on screen. His current role as Gomez Addams in The Addams Family has taken up most of his time.

Walt Disney is eager to work with the iconic actor once again on their new project, according to the latest reports.


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