Johnny Depp Is The Father Of Her Child, Says A Woman Inside The Courtroom

Amber Heard’s harassment of Johnny Depp is causing him a great deal of distress. During the defamation trial against his wife Amber Heard, a lady suddenly claims that Depp is the father of her kid.

In Court, A Woman Claims That Johnny Depp Is The Father Of Her Child!

That’s why Johnny Depp is getting a lot of support from the admirers of his role as a pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Despite the fact that Depp rejected all of his wife’s allegations against him, The trial is now nearing its conclusion, but an unexpected event in the courtroom complicates everything.

After the morning recess had begun, a woman reportedly cried out to the judge, even though he was not present.

A woman claims that Johnny Depp is the father of her child, and that she was holding the infant at the time of the allegation.

Johnny Depp Is The Father Of Her child, Says A Woman Inside The Courtroom

What Transpired In The Courthouse?

All of the unexpected events occurred at the same time.

According to the information, a woman with a kid stood up in the rear of the courtroom and began saying that she loves Johnny Depp and that the souls of her and Depp are united.

This baby is yours,” she yelled as she brought up the infant, claiming Depp was the father. The woman was approached by court officials after a period of time.

The woman’s access bracelet was cut off by court officials after they escorted her out of the courtroom.

During the trial, the cameras in the courtroom were turned off for the break and we were unable to get the live footage. Later, she said she was joking, according to the article.

The Aquaman star did not use Johnny Depp’s name in the piece, but she described herself as a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault.

When the Pirates of the Caribbean star arrived at the courthouse recently, he decided to transform into Captain Jack Sparrow for the fans. It’s now in its final week for the better part of Johnny Depp‘s case. His ex-wife Kate Moss is only the latest in a long line of potential eyewitnesses.

After her testimony, Amber Heard brought up Depp’s ex-wife Moss, whom she had referenced while on the stand and addressing the alleged stair incident regarding Johnny Depp’s relationship with her sister.

Others’ Thoughts:

Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean ex-girlfriend, Ellen Barkin, has just released a statement about their relationship.

In late 2019, the statement was recorded. Vampire musician and actress of Drop Dead Gorgeous started dating in 1994. After that, they collaborated on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in 1998.

Depp said that Barkin had intercourse with a person who was not him, according to the Barkin.

Even though Black Mass actor Michael Barkin had previously disputed Barkin’s claims during his libel trial against the Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom.

Amid 2020, he stated that he did not have an issue with controlling his temper.

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