Bling Empire’s Kane Lim Discusses Whether Or Not He Will Be Joining Selling Sunset

They are looking for a new guy who may be a great addition to our team. Kane Lim, star of the reality show Bling Empire, is a broker with Selling Sunset’s Oppenheim Group. As part of an exclusive interview, Kane has indicated that he would “love” to be a part of the series.

Kane Lim Of Bling Empire Talks Selling Sunset

The reality personality remarked, “Chrishelle and they have worked together so that they will see.” “Even though they are a huge fan of real estate, they cannot imagine leaving Bling Empire since it is so enjoyable. An amazing friendship has developed due to their involvement in the project.”

Bling Empire's Kane Lim Discusses Whether Or Not He Will Be Joining Selling Sunset

He went on, saying, “Why not? Selling Sunset is a good opportunity for them, which would be fantastic.” This website depicts Kane as a “seasoned Real Estate Developer and Agent sold three houses in the premium Los Angeles district of Venice Beach” and “having concentrated on Residential projects and Commercial properties in Asia.”

” displays an inherent awareness of market trends and likes the difficulties and rewards of real estate deals,” the description says.

Selling Sunset Stars: The Love Story

However, Kane will disappoint at least one well-known Bling Empire fan if he switches to Selling Sunset: none other than Rihanna. As he said, “They have known for a long time.” “When the first season came out, she asked when season two would be released.” We all know RiRi has a thing for “Diamonds.”

Will There Be An Appearance By Kane Lim On Selling Sunset?

Kane Lim is a developer and an agent for The Oppenheim Group; however, he has not yet confirmed that he will appear on the program in either capacity as an agent. However, considering how much work the Netflix actor puts in behind the scenes for the firm, he may appear on the program.

Chrishell Stause, an iconic figure in Selling Sunset, and Kane just listed home together. Both contributed to the successful sale of a property on Mount Washington that had an asking price of 1.88 million dollars.

With a land area of 8000 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a Japanese garden, there is little doubt that the home will sell without any assistance from the seller.

Promoting A Crossover Between Sunset And Bling Empire

Fans expect a crossover between Bling Empire and Kane’s other series, Selling Sunset, now that they are aware of Kane’s relationship with that series. The increasing popularity of both of Netflix’s series leads us to believe that this may not be such a terrible idea after all.

One reader expressed their desire for a crossover episode between Selling Sunset and Bling Empire, writing, “desperately need a Selling Sunset x Bling Empire crossover episode like could you image a Christine and Christine interaction?”

“We need a selling in which one of them sells a home to a person from the bling empire; come on, we need this.”

New real estate agents are invited to become a part of the Selling Sunset team in Los Angeles at the beginning of each new season. The fifth season introduced us to Chelsea Lazkani, who made the bold claim that she would lead “the laughter, the lux, and the drama.”


There have been recent rumors that Christine has left the show; there may be space in the group for another participant. Reality Titbit has investigated Kane Lim’s relationship to the critically acclaimed Netflix drama and questioned whether or not we would be able to see him at The Oppenheim Group shortly.


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