Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly ‘Calling In Lawyers’ To Help Block Her Sex Tape With Willie’ Ray J’

If Willie “Ray J” Norwood releases sexually inappropriate recordings of them together, Kim Kardashian has reportedly called in lawyers to stop it.

They were in a video together nearly 20 years ago, when she started as a star.

Kim Kardashian Blocks Partner Willie’ Ray J’ Norwood From ‘Leaking Raunchy Recordings

A reliable source says that Kim is worried that rapper Ray J wants to make a lot of money by releasing other private recordings of the two of them. The mother-of-four has already spent a lot of money on a legal team to try to stop him.

Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly 'Calling In Lawyers' To Help Block Her Sex Tape  With Willie' Ray J'

Last year, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian separated. Kim Kardashian has said that she will protect her family “at all costs.” Kim knows that Ray J has other videos of the two of them. On Sunday, a source told The Sun that there would be “inside footage.”

Her lawyer said in court documents that Kim told them, “Over my dead body is this going to happen again.” Kanye “Ye” may bring the hard drive that had the threatening video on it.

Ray J, a 44-year-old rapper and designer, said in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked on January 24, “I went and picked up the laptop from Ray J myself.”

She burst into tears of joy when she saw it. The way people looked at Kim depicts their low level of concern instead of thinking of her as a thing to buy. Kim Kardashian said the next day that there wasn’t a second video.

When people looked at the film from the plane ride to Mexico, they found “nothing sexually explicit,” they said on January 25. They also looked at the club and restaurant footage from the same day.

In Kim’s opinion, no fresh second tape exists. After 20 years, she wants to move on and focus on work as a mother, entrepreneur, and reformer of the law.

“This needs to stop,” tweeted the Mississippi-born R&B singer on January 26 after the CEO of SKIMS said that. ‘I’m also a father, too.’ It’s the second time in the last ten months that Kim has said that KUWTK wouldn’t have been as successful if it wasn’t for the press.

During June’s KUWTK 20th anniversary reunion, Kim Kardashian said, “I don’t think so.” Seven months after Vivid bought the 2002 tape from a “third party” for $1 million, Vivid’s show on the E! Network was on the network in 2007.

People say that the young lawyer agreed to a $5 million deal with Vivid after she dropped her privacy invasion lawsuit against the company. After her parents tried, the tape quickly went viral on the internet.

One Night In Paris sex tape distributor Kevin Blatt says that in 2006, Ray J gave him the chance to repurchase the film from Paris Hilton. When he was asked about Ray J, Blatt, now 53, said that he didn’t know who the singer was.


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